Birth Chart Tarot Spread

How to cast your birth chart tarot spread by blending the Major Arcana cards of the tarot with your personal astrology. The Major Arcana of the Tarot The Major Arcana cards of the Tarot represent major shifts in your soul’s evolution. More than being about something you should or shouldn’t do or what will or…

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How to Cleanse Tarot Cards

Tips for why and how to cleanse tarot cards. While shuffling the tarot deck is a way to cleanse and clear the energy of the cards, there are times when you might want to do something more specific and ritualized. Maybe you’re just starting to learn tarot and cleansing your deck seems like a good place…

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Gemini Season 2021 Tarotscopes

Gemini Season Tarotscopes are here, with a tarot card for each zodiac sign highlighting what your self-care and growth opportunities are from May 20-June 20, 2021. Read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for the full picture.

Gemini Season is alive with ideas, good conversations, and making connections. This mutable air sign graces us with a season of adaptability, tuned in communication, and liveliness. It’s a time to follow your curiosity, share what you’re learning about, and use your voice. 

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