Libra Season 2021 Tarotscopes

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Libra Season 2021 Tarotscopes

Libra Season Tarotscopes are here, with a tarot card for each zodiac sign highlighting what your self-care and growth opportunities are from September 22-October 23, 2021. Read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for the full picture.

Libra is our peace-loving medium. They can see a situation from a higher perspective and understand what we need more of and what’s in excess. 

Balance is absolutely a central theme to Libra (she’s represented by the scales, after all), but in a way that creates something more than just two sides in equal measure. There’s a blending of extremes that allows for our multidimensionality and truth to shine through. 

Associated with Justice in the Tarot and ruled by Venus, Libra is all about relational energy. They are diplomatic, peacemaking, and able to be both strong and soft at the same time. Deep truth and knowing, connection, and beauty are all essential elements to Libra and the season they govern. 

Use this Libra energy to:

  • Find where you’re leaking energy and seal it up
  • Identify causes important to you and take action to help
  • Communicate what’s important to you
  • Home in on your central values / make decisions in accordance with them
  • Connect with others by sharing your truth
  • Beautify your environment
  • Reframe your idea of balance 

When out of alignment, Libra can be considered indecisive or too accommodating for their own good. But this cardinal energy isn’t afraid to initiate and is able to see both sides, while cutting to the heart of the matter. 

The vibe: Attracting more flies with honey / on-point aesthetic / social justice / artist meets advocate / making the right point at the right time / style and substance / love and radical honesty / giving and receiving / freedom and commitment 

In the cards, I see a lot of repeats from last month (six, to be exact!), but redistributed between the signs, showing us that we’re collectively going through a lot together and we can all relate to one another more than we know. 

What’s a Tarotscope?

It’s like a horoscope, but instead of interpreting planetary movements, I pull a card for each zodiac sign and share the themes and questions coming up at this time.

You can read the cards for your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs — in fact, I recommend it. If you don’t know your Sun (that’s the sign you’d typically read your horoscope for), Moon, and Rising/Ascendant signs, get your birth time and city, if possible, and plug it in over here.

In case you missed it, you can check out your Virgo Season Tarotscope here. Or if you’re into tarot and want to learn more, check out my course: Tarot Foundations for Intuitive Witches

Here are your cards for Libra Season:

Aries – Death 

Libra Season 2021 Tarotscope for Aries

Kicking things off in Libra season with Death — super chill. Jk jk Death is a big energy, but one that’s appropriate for the Fall Equinox and the journey we’ll all energetically be on in the next few months. With this card, you’re being asked to release. There’s a deep transformation happening in this card, but you must first do the challenging work of letting go of what’s over and no longer a fit for you in order to step into that new phase of life waiting on the other side. Take care of yourself during this release period. Ground yourself in the rhythms of nature and let it guide you. 

Taurus – 5 of Wands Rx*

Libra Season 2021 Tarotscope for Taurus

Don’t resist the chaos — play with it. Gamify it. While things might feel messy, disorganized, or friction-y in the month ahead, resistance is not the answer. Come back to your goals and guiding values to help you find a way through with a sense of humor and maybeee even some enjoyment? Some things are just hard, but you have the power and wherewithal to make it through with a positive outcome — if you keep your energy and your heart in check. Spellwork and energetic boundaries are the move. 

Gemini – Judgement

Libra Season 2021 Tarotscope for Gemini

Major awakenings ahead. Forgiveness, dissolving of old ways, and a total rebirth are on the menu this season. Are you game? Judgement is some serious energy, but the opportunities to work with it will present themselves to you in small, everyday ways too. Where are the niggles of discontent giving way to bigger changes? Notice where a new direction and purpose are calling you in obvious and subtle ways. There’s so much more for you to see and do and hopefully the crisper autumn air will help wake you up to it. The old ways will start to fall away when you say yes to the new and let the old ways of hiding and judging give way to openness and love.

Cancer – Wheel of Fortune 

Libra Season 2021 Tarotscope for Cancer

Changes are afoot. But like, when are they not? As things shift and transform with the seasons (of nature and life) the goal is to stay adaptable and true to you. Awareness of the cycles of behaviors, reactions, and actions you’re ready to change is crucial to transforming them. What are you done perpetuating in your life? What do you want to generate more of? The events that are coming up now are here to help you make the right choices for who you are and who you want to be. Make a plan for how you’ll center and ground yourself when things start to shift.

Leo – 3 of Wands

Libra Season 2021 Tarotscope for Leo

You’re on the edge of a new adventure. How will you take what you’ve learned up to this point — your successes and your failures — and apply it to something bigger and more meaningful to you? What are you ready to teach and what do you still have to learn? Making peace with your past and who you used to be will be the key to determining this new chapter. Reflect on how you’ve grown and would still like to grow and focus on the things (the work, activities, people, places) that light you up. Tend to your inner flame (your passions, joy and excitement) by keeping yourself grounded in where you are right now. 

Virgo – Page of Cups Rx*

Libra Season 2021 Tarotscope for Virgo

It’s time to play, Virgo. No doubt you got a bunch of stuff done and checked off that to-do list when the Sun and all the other personal planets were parading through your sign, but now it’s time to loosen up. Imagination, intuition and lightness are tapping you on the shoulder, inviting you to experiment and say yes to new things, even if they don’t seem logical or “productive”. Curiosity, enjoyment and play are some of the best ways to rest and find creative solutions. Make a list of the things that feel playful to you and do them (this looks different to everyone). Schedule time for it if you have to. 

Libra – 6 of Pentacles Rx*

Libra Season 2021 Tarotscope for Libra

Where is the give and take in your life feeling a little off? We can often get tripped up on the receiving end of things, because we either don’t know how or don’t feel worthy enough. Or receiving feels too passive so we emphasize the doing and productivity aspect. But making yourself available to receive usually doesn’t mean just sitting back on your couch waiting for opportunities to roll in. Receiving can look like taking inspired action and being open to the possibilities that might result. We can open up to receiving by: sharing something (words, art, a part of ourselves, an idea), showing up to something with an open mind, making something for someone else, picking up a tarot deck and asking it a question. Then trust yourself and the universe to handle the rest. 

Scorpio – Page of Wands

Libra Season 2021 Tarotscope for Scorpio

Ground that fire, bb. Instead of charging ahead into the next thing, use this season to take a sacred pause wherever you can. Consider how you want to work with your energy. What new ventures are worth your time, passion, and life force — and which just feel like easy wins, time sucks, or tired obligations? You have a new vantage point to help you do things differently. Be the rebel you were born to be and find radically different ways of doing what you want to do in the way you want to do it. Try candle magic to help you on your way. 

Sagittarius – 6 of Swords

Libra Season 2021 Tarotscope for Sagittarius

In this season of moving on, it’s natural for grief to creep up. All change brings grief with it — no matter how positive the new phase — but you don’t have to let it get in the way of making the change or fully committing to it. Consider the mental burdens you’d rather not carry with you in this next season. Which of these can you let go of? Can you make space to focus on the bigger picture to get you through? Be gentle with yourself during this time. Seek out a water ritual or some breathwork to help you release. 

Capricorn – Temperance

Libra Season 2021 Tarotscope for Capricorn

Now’s the time to step into a new way of approaching life. Lol low key, right? Rather than compartmentalizing yourself or letting the ego mind run the show, you’re being called to let your multifaceted nature shine through. Temperance asks you to embody a balanced blend of your soul self and your earthly self — the logic and the intuition, the shadow and the light, the consistent homebody and the free spirit. Rather than being all or nothing, it’s time to be uniquely you in your approach to all aspects of life. Not fitting into a box is part of your magic. Co-creation with the Universe works better when you’re being totally true to you. 

Aquarius – Knight of Swords Rx* 

Libra Season 2021 Tarotscope for Aquarius

Slow it down this month, Aqua. It’s time to tend to your nervous system and learn to work with your inspiration and ideas in ways that don’t burn you out. It’s totally ok to override the body and other aspects of your life for the sake of a deadline occasionally, but that can’t be the norm. (This doesn’t have to pertain to work, FYI – whatever you’re throwing yourself into at the risk of abandoning your needs must be looked at.) Examine your underlying motivations for getting caught in this cycle and consider active ways to change it. What routines, rituals, or systems would be supportive to you? Reflect: What would bring you peace? 

Pisces – 3 of Cups

Libra Season 2021 Tarotscope for Pisces

Let yourself be supported. Let yourself be present. Let yourself enjoy. Trust yourself when things feel good, Pisces. Resistance and doubt can pop up when we don’t know what comes next or when we decide to let go of the old ways of doing things. In order to surrender to the moment and to the changes we’re experiencing, we need to feel secure and supported. A repeat from last month, this point is really being reinforced: Call on your friends, your soul fam, your spirit team, your coven to see you for who you are and what you’ve accomplished at this stage in the year and in your life. Make time to celebrate the little and big things. Start with the Autumnal Equinox

*If you’re wondering what Rx means

Rx means reversal (or an upside down card). I love reversed cards because they bring a different flavor to the meaning. I read them as something to dive deeper with, a more internal facing energy — kind of like a retrograde planet. The nuanced meanings are reflected in my interpretations/write ups about the card. Read more about reversals here.

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