Witchy Wellness: Self-care for magical babes

tarot readings by Leah Vanderveldt

Welcome to Witchy Wellness, a monthly email filled with accessible self-care ideas for magical babes from Leah Vanderveldt, a tarot reader, wellness journalist, and author.

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The Witchy Wellness Letter is sent out at the Full Moon each month that includes ideas for grounded self-care and soul nourishing rituals. I share how to leverage the energy of that particular Full Moon, tarotscopes, natural product recommendations, podcast suggestions, whole food based meal and tonic recipes, playlists, and more.

I want us to take back wellness. Instead of overpriced serums, workouts, and supplements, I share mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical practices that are low or no cost and actually help create positive changes in our lives.

We deserve a wellness community not based on privilege, but on personal growth, supporting one another, and building a kinder world.

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