Learn Tarot: Tarot Foundations for Intuitive Witches

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Learn tarot with me.

I am so excited to announce my new course, Tarot Foundations for Intuitive Witches. Designed to help you stop checking the guidebook for every reading, connect to the cards on a deeper level, and start reading intuitively.

This 5-week digital course will anchor you in the magical structure and symmetry of the deck (i.e. give you those definitions, themes, and interpretations that hold it together) while helping you create space for your own wisdom, intuition, and understanding to flourish. 

It will help you see the foundations of the tarot clearly, so that you can build upon them in a way that’s unique to you

It’s tarot knowledge + practices to strengthen your self-trust and intuition.
Learn how to read tarot

Tarot Foundations for intuitive witches is for you if you: 

  • Are sick of always having to turn to the guidebook (or Dr. Google) to interpret your card pulls
  • Want to learn the card meanings and tarot basics while trusting your own instincts and intuition 
  • Are ready to trust yourself as a reader 
  • Feel like you’re missing something when it comes to reading intuitively 
  • Want to give readings that resonate (with yourself and others) 
  • Want to connect with your deck on a more personal, real life level 
  • Are a total beginner 
  • Have been practicing for a while 
  • Want to fall in love with reversals 
  • Are cool with self-paced learning
  • Are down for trying out new spreads, journaling prompts, rituals, and breathwork

Learn to read tarot intuitively

What you’ll learn:

Week 1 – The Major Arcana & Tarot as a mirror
Theme: Cycles of growth and change

Week 2 – The Wands & Cups
Theme: Action and reflection and the magic of the intangible. 

Week 3 – The Swords & Pentacles
Our theme: Contraction and expansion and overcoming limiting beliefs. 

Week 4 – The Elements + Court Cards
Theme: Finding your unique superpowers and balance through expression and embodiment. 

Week 5 – Reversals Rx + Readings that connect
Theme: Going inward, lighting up your intuition, and finding your voice as a reader.

For more info, FAQs, and to sign up, head to leahvanderveldt.com.

What’s included:

  • 78 Cards of the Tarot meanings guide
  • 5 Weeks of audio and visual lessons
  • Weekly tarot spreads, journal prompts, and card exercises
  • Supportive breathwork for each module
  • Teacher Q&As and email support
  • Lots of fun bonuses

For more info, FAQs, and to sign up, head to leahvanderveldt.com.

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