About Nourish & Evolve

Helping magical babes tap into their intuition and potential through the tarot, lunar living, breathwork and more.

Nourish & Evolve is a space to share the things that support us in coming home to ourselves making everyday life more magical.

It’s about cutting through all the wellness noise and finding your own personalized strategy for living a full and happy life in a way that’s realistic and fun.

This is a space where I share my favorite rituals and self-care strategies — all the little things that make a big difference. It’s about finding a holistic approach to health that focuses on body, mind, and spirit by tapping into your intuition, learning from ancient wisdom, and approaching wellbeing with joy.

If this sounds like your kinda thing, check out my monthly Witchy Wellbeing Letter for full moon reads and rituals.

About Leah Vanderveldt

I’m Leah, an author, tarot reader, and breathwork guide living in Brooklyn, NY.

I started out in print publishing at magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair, then later at Australian Home Beautiful. (I moved from NYC to Australia for 4 years, then back again.) I worked as the food editor for mindbodygreen.com, where I wrote and developed their nutrition and food content.

Along the way, I received certifications in Culinary Nutrition from the Natural Gourmet Institute, Reiki 1 at Maha Rose, herbalism from Herbal Academy, completed Breathwork Healer Training with Erin Telford, and intensely studied Tarot with Anna Toonk and Lindsay Mack. I also wrote four books (published by Ryland, Peters & Small and CICO Books).

My latest book, Magical Self-care for Everyday Life, is available now.

My Mission

I worked in the food and wellness world for nearly a decade and found sources of strength and self-compassion in cooking, exercise, and surface level self-care. But once I felt good physically, I realized there was so much more to wellbeing than a good meal and hopping on the treadmill.

That’s where self-care met magic for me — herbal infusions for calming and mood boosting, tarot cards to tune into my intuition, moon rituals for setting aligned intentions, breathwork for releasing stuck energy and emotions.

Once I found a balance of the tangible and the mystical, I really started to heal.

Reclaiming my magic and power through the tarot and the breath has been a huge mindset shift into seeing what I’m really capable of. I now view myself as an active participant in my life, not a victim. An intuitive person, not a painfully shy introvert. A source of infinite creativity, not a person blindly searching for her “thing”. Someone worth accepting and loving, not perfecting. A self healer, not something irreparable.

And now I want to help share the benefits of rituals, breathwork, lunar living, and the tarot with others.

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