What is Witchy Wellness & How Do I Do It?

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Witchy Wellness Tarot

Witchy Wellness is about creating a magical self-care practice that’s unique to you. It’s adding a little “woo” in the name of feeling good by weaving together:

  • Self-reflection practices like tarot, meditation, astrology, and journaling.
  • High vibe meals, including lots of plants, functional herbs, honoring your body with slower and more sensual meals, and tons flavor.
  • Rituals — think daily gratitude, setting intentions at the New Moon, and tossing the occasional crystal in your bra.
  • Spirituality, as in a connection to something bigger, be that the Universe, Goddess, God, etc — without any religious dogma.
  • Movement through breath, walking, dancing, and whatever else feels good to you.

Up until recently, my career in writing and wellness focused only on food and nutrition, with a little lifestyle thrown in. After achieving some big goals like landing my dream job as a food editor and snagging a cookbook deal, I realized that this work was only one small piece of the well-being puzzle.

My achievements started to feel like silly, surface-level things. I thought I was contributing to the world in a positive way, but my work soon felt hollow when all people wanted to talk about was thinly-veiled weight loss advice.

I realized all this talk of nutrition and “wellness” didn’t address the anxiety I felt about being called a fraud or outright rejected. Or how I felt undeserving of the good things in my life and my privilege. This path didn’t address my crippling desire to be approved of or my need for deep connection — something beyond talking about what to make for dinner or how good kale is for you.

I was only focused on one part of wellness — the physical one — which is certainly important, but there was a lot more to unlock for me to feel at peace with myself. So I started diving into what I call Witchy Wellness, which includes an array of practices that help me feel more vibrant, excited, and in-tune with myself.

When I started nourishing myself on all the levels — emotional, mental, spiritual, and yes, physical — I started reclaiming my power and worth in a more real way than ever before.

Tarot and Food

Witchy Wellness is about tapping into our inner wisdom to help determine what we need to feel good in our body, help us cope with stress, and feel more connected to others. It hits on all the “self-“s: self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-compassion, self-worth, self-care, and self-love.

It’s about choosing our thoughts, choosing to reject old stories, choosing to believe in the mystical, choosing to embrace every facet of ourselves (even the gnarly ones we have tried to hide for so long). It’s about choosing to trust our intuition and ourselves implicitly.

I believe that when we take responsibility for our own well-being in this holistic way, we can get clear on what we really want, feel the way we actually want to feel, and change shit up on a global level.

What better way to sum up this holistic way of living than to call in the four elements as a checklist of sorts?

Rose Cacao Crystals

Earth: Food & Drink

The foods, herbs, and tonics and people you enjoy them with. This is about all the things we consume and the rituals surrounding them. It’s not just about what you’re eating, but how you’re eating. Are you slowing down to taste and enjoy your food? Are you paying attention to your body’s natural rhythms (and the rhythms of the planet) and eating when and what feels good to you and your body?

Witchy Wellness is never about dieting or restricting your eating, but rather adding things in that make you feel good. It’s about trusting what your body wants and honoring that — whatever it may be. It’s about thinking for yourself instead of what the diet and health industry (and society at large) wants you to think. If you’re a witch, you’re a bad bitch who won’t be told what to do anyway, right?

For more intuitive eating resources, go here.

Air: Mental Health & Calming the Mind

Through personal practices like meditation, breath work, plant medicine (like CBD), and journaling — we’re able to shift our energy to find a new level of peace and strength. Going deeper with ourselves to find stillness away from anxiety, stress, and shame can be tough but rewarding work that often involves trying to get to the root of the problem, instead of talking about it in circles. When we realize we have the ability to dig deep and accept the things that we once felt ashamed about, we find genuine authenticity and release.

This work can totally work in tandem with therapy and medications, too. These practices and lifestyle shifts are simply adding to our support toolkit, helping us show up in the world as our true selves.

Fire: Movement & Action

Movement is mood alchemy and has the ability to change our mental state quickly. Whether you feel like stretching, walking, dancing, or just breathing intentionally, whatever movement feels right to you in the moment is the best kind. Once you start moving the energy through your body, everything else starts to flow — inspiration, motivation, creativity, and emotions. Stagnant energy is the enemy, so movement of all kinds is essential.

Fire is also about sparks. The spark of ideas or intuitive hits about what to do. I love this piece on the power of “pings” and the importance of following these pings/sparks by taking action. It can lead to more magic than we thought possible.

Water: Intuition & Emotional Health

By using tools like tarot, journaling, meditation, and energy work we can tap into our own intuition. Intuition is the wisdom that already exists in us, but we may have trouble hearing it. These tools help us tune in and listen to our higher self/spirit/soul and connect us to something bigger and more universal.

Giving ourselves permission to be magical and intuitive is about acknowledging our own self worth — which is the most powerful thing we can do.

Witchy Wellness is about exploring the different ways we can step into our intuition, courage, and awesomeness. It’s whimsical, it’s fun, and it’s taking our well-being to a whole new level.

Do you have your own Witchy Wellness practice? I’d love to hear about it and possibly feature you on the site. Please email me at thenourishexchange@gmail.com.

And if all of this sounds like your kind of thing, sign up receive my Witchy Wellness Letter at each New and Full Moon.

xo Leah

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