Introducing: Magical Self-care for Everyday Life

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Magical Self-care for Everyday Life by Leah Vanderveldt

Officially introducing my book Magical Self-care for Everyday Life: Create your own personal wellness rituals using the Tarot, space-clearing, breath work, high-vibe recipes, and more.

I’m anxious and excited to share this complete labor of love. This is my most personal book to date, about all of the practices I’ve incorporated into my life over the past ten years that have helped me take charge of my life in a positive way.

It’s not for everyone. It might not for the people who just followed me for some healthyish recipes and it’s probably not for people who roll their eyes at crystals and moon gazing. It’s for the witchy curious and those wanting to explore a deeper, more spiritual existence.

More about Magical Self-care for Everyday Life:

Leah Vanderveldt tarot

Magic meets self-care in a feel-good guide that’s both practical and mystical, exploring a holistic (but not boring!) approach to well-being.

Dive into a wellness practice that integrates centuries-old traditions and concepts into everyday modern living. With herbal infusions for calming and mood boosting, tarot cards to tune into intuition, moon rituals for setting aligned intentions, and breath work for releasing stuck energy, I weave together spirituality, high vibe meals, astrology, meditation, movement, and more for the purpose of self-knowledge and creating powerful changes in your life. I share my favorite magical tools and my experience with them, including the benefits, and a few simple actions, rituals, and recipes to do on your own.

Chapters include:

  • Embracing the feminine
  • Creating a magical home
  • Self-awareness through astrology
  • Connecting to your wisdom with tarot
  • Moving with nature and the seasons
  • Lunar living
  • Herbs and plant medicine
  • Healing with energy flow and movement
  • Manifestation and shadow work

Setting up supportive routines is key for feeling good every day. This is wellness for the witchy — people craving a more playful, receptive, and healthy approach for tangible transformation. Celebrate the power to make your life more amazing. It’s where the magic’s at!

Check it out on Amazon or IndieBound and stay tuned for fun events and giveaways to celebrate its publication on Instagram.

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  1. Alex03/09/2020 | Reply

    YAY! Love the sound of these chapters. Literally CANNOT wait for the book :)

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