How To Create Your Own New Moon Ritual

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I love taking some time on both the New Moon and the Full Moon to assess how I’m feeling and what I’d like to change, do, or experience more of. The New Moon is especially good for setting new intentions to help us feel more aligned in our everyday life.

Intentions are different than goals, where goals tend to be more external, intentions are about how you want to be able to feel and move throughout your everyday. In order to set our intentions, I think it’s important to take a little bit of time devoted to just that. Rituals are a beautiful way to do something nice for yourself and take a little quiet time to listen to our intuition and figure out what we need.

Why create a new moon ritual

Just think about the New Moon in the dark sky — the moon is barely visible at this stage. But from today, the moon will begin to grow in steady increments until it’s completely full. The moon is our guide in helping us expand throughout the month. Whenever you see it or think about it, you’re reminded to check back in with yourself, your intuition, and your intention.

The key to creating your own ritual is to find something that feels both special and comfortable for you. If you’re doing something that doesn’t feel genuine to you, it can take you out of the moment — but at the same time, if you’re just sitting on your couch scrolling through your phone for half the time, it’s not going to feel special either. We’re aiming to create a magical space, but one that feels unique to you.

Find a balance that feels right for you by including as many elements as you’d like. Experiment and see what feels good to you, or take the temperature of the day and assess what you need. Try as much as you can to stay in the moment and don’t think too much about what you’re “supposed to” do — just follow your instincts and do what feels right at that time. It can be as simple or elaborate as you choose.

The Ritual Basics

  1. Comfy and quiet spot to sit
  2. About 20 minutes to yourself
  3. Your breath (maybe overkill to mention, but important!)
  4. Notebook + pen
  5. Nourishment
    Make yourself something simple and nourishing – either a drink (tea, infused water, a creamy plant-based matcha latte — whatever strikes your fancy) or an easy, plant-filled meal to eat afterward.

Optional add-ons to choose from

  • Palo Santo/Sage
  • Candles
  • Crystals
  • Essential oils/Incense
  • Music
  • Tarot
  • Hot bath with epsom salts

What my New Moon Ritual looks like…

Pick a time

I like to do it in the evening of the new moon if possible. I make sure it pick a time when I can be alone and undisturbed for about 20 minutes.

Set up the space

I turn on some music that makes me feel really good (I love the idea of creating a moon playlist, but I also like just going with what I’m feeling in the moment). I’ll light some candles and turn on my salt lamp for low-lit ambiance and prepare my drink or food. I’ll gather my notebook, a crystal or two I’m working with, and my tarot cards.

Freshen and settle in

I’ll burn a little palo santo and/or pop some essential oils into the diffuser. Sit down on the couch with my coziest blanket on my lap and a large glass of water and some tea nearby.


Time to close my eyes and breathe. I like to focus on my breath for at least 10 counts, letting my thoughts come and go and just sit with myself. Envision the dark sky without the moon shining bright and how you might like to grow incrementally with the moon over the next month. /p>


How am I feeling right now? What feels exciting for me at this time? What feels blocked for me? What is the thing I’m most yearning for at this moment? What do I need most at this phase in my life? What would I like to call in?

Write it out

I journal my responses to these questions. Pulling some tarot cards and journal about them is really helpful, too. I love asking simple questions with the tarot like, what should I cultivate or start in this moon cycle? From there, I’ll set an intention for the month ahead based on how I’m feeling and any major thoughts I’ve had.

Ground down

By enjoying a snack, meal, or taking a bath.

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