Virgo Season 2021 Tarotscopes

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Virgo Season Tarot

Virgo Season Tarotscopes are here, with a tarot card for each zodiac sign highlighting what your self-care and growth opportunities are from August 22 – September 22, 2021. Read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for the full picture.

Virgo is our healing, devotional solo witch.

Ruled by Mercury and associated with the Hermit card in the deck, she’s meticulous, well-resourced, and trusts her inner wisdom like no other. 

Use this Virgo energy (and Mercury and Mars currently in this sign) to commit yourself to: 

  • Following through on a project
  • Making the mundane magical
  • Sharing your gifts with your community
  • Tending to your body in practical and reverent ways

No detail is too small or intention too big for Virgo.

The vibe: RItualizing your meal prep / making work a sacred practice / lighting candles with intention / cleansing your space / laying out your clothes the night before / debriefing to end your day energetically clear.

It’s that back to school feeling — but make it witchy.

In the cards, I see a lot of shifting energies this month, quite different from the summer themes we worked through the past couple of months. 

In our Virgo Tarotscopes, we’re seeing a lot of equalizing and balancing energy (as Venus moves into their rulership in Libra) and some Major Arcana Seasonal shifts under this mutable, end-of-summer sign. 

There’s changes churning and new beginnings already underway, but continually coming back to that heart center and inner knowing will be what guides you though.  

Tarotscopes August 22-Sept 22

What’s a Tarotscope?

It’s like a horoscope, but instead of interpreting planetary movements, I pull a card for each zodiac sign and share the themes and questions coming up at this time.

You can read the cards for your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs — in fact, I recommend it. If you don’t know your Sun (that’s the sign you’d typically read your horoscope for), Moon, and Rising/Ascendant signs, get your birth time and city, if possible, and plug it in over here.

In case you missed it, you can check out your Leo Season Tarotscope here. Or book an in-depth tarot reading with me.

I found that there were a lot of questions coming up with the cards this month, use these as journaling prompts or inspiration to create your own tarot spread around these themes. 

Here are your cards for Virgo Season:

Aries – Wheel of Fortune

Virgo Season 2021 Tarotscope for Aries

As patterns of behavior and the changes you’re faced with become more apparent, you’re given a choice: What perspective do you want to have on this? On life? What patterns are you ready to break? What do you want more of? Less of? This is a time to choose staying centered within yourself above all. Steadiness in times of uncertainty comes from within, but anchors can help us access it. Find anchors in your daily practices, routines, and rituals to hold you in the ups and downs.

Taurus – Ace of Swords Rx*

Virgo Season 2021 Tarotscope for Taurus

Clarity, truth, and breakthroughs are close, but you have to give them space to come through. When we grip too hard to getting the answer, or finding the solution or the next great idea, we often have to wait longer. Or perhaps the answer is right in front of you, but feels too obvious or simple to be the right one? Loosen your grip, give it some air to breathe, let it go insofar as that’s possible for now. Trust that it will come back around when you’re in a better place to receive it. 

Gemini – Strength Rx*

Virgo Season 2021 Tarotscope for Gemini

Getting up close and personal with life is how we learn — both about life and ourselves. There might be some hesitancy, fear or anxiety coming up around doing the thing you feel called to right now. That’s ok. Trust your timing and pacing. This card is ruled by Leo, and therefore the heart and spine. Where can you have your own back more this season? Where can you trust yourself more and lead with your heart? You have the capacity to greet your fears and challenges with not only hope, but enthusiasm. Find ways to steady yourself and come back to your core. 

Cancer – 5 of Wands

Virgo Season 2021 Tarotscope for Cancer

Embrace the chaos. Through the creative mess comes the breakthrough. Use this time to learn by taking action and figuring it out along the way. While mess and chaos may not feel very “Virgo”, think of this season as a massive closet-reorganization. You gotta pull everything out and make a bunch of piles before you can curate that space. Work through the mess while weeding out what’s zapping your energy. Let your goals and intentions be your North Star, keeping you on track and moving you forward.  

Leo – 10 of Wands

Virgo Season 2021 Tarotscope for Leo

Oh sweet Leo, both you and I know you have the ability to achieve amazing things. And even though you like things to be just so — according to your brilliant vision and sky-high standards — doing it ALL yourself isn’t attainable and is def not sustainable. We often take on too much because we’ve subscribed to the narrative that we have to do everything ourselves to prove our worth, achieve, and receive acceptance. But now it’s time to delegate, detox, and welcome support for the stuff that’s draining you. If it feels like you’ve just gotta stick it out and keep going, find some creative ways to give yourself a reprieve.

Virgo – 2 of Swords Rx*

Virgo Season 2021 Tarotscope for Virgo

Happy birthday Virgo babes! This card is kind of like the younger sibling of the High Priestess and Justice — concerned with truth, clarity and choice, but needing to go inward to access it is sometimes mysterious and harder to trust. You’re being called to cut out the external noise in order to make the right call for you. Perhaps there’s an uncomfortable truth at the heart of the matter that you’d rather not look at, or you’re just feeling very unclear right now. What we resist persists, so give yourself some space to go deeper than the piercing thoughts or shame and allow yourself to get quiet. You’re ready to let something go. Trust yourself that you’ll know exactly what and when, when you’re meant to. 

Libra – Judgement Rx*

Virgo Season 2021 Tarotscope for Libra

Awakening isn’t easy. You’re being asked to step up into the next level of your life but there might be some judgments that you’re putting on yourself surrounding it. These judgments can feel like the voices of others close to you or you own, but it’s important for you to just see them as a protective measure — not a warning sign that you shouldn’t take the leap, make the change, or trust yourself. See those judgements dissolve when you cast some love in their direction. You’re on the brink of some deep awareness, forgiveness, release, and integration but you have to say yes first. 

Scorpio – The Sun Rx*

Virgo Season 2021 Tarotscope for Scorpio

The rug isn’t going to be pulled out from underneath you. You’re allowed to be fully, boldly and honestly you. You’re allowed to let yourself be seen and see others in their authenticity. In the abstract, these Sun moments may seem too simplistic or saccharine for your taste, but their essence is one of profound self-acceptance and clarity. The doubt and cynicism that creeps in is just learned behavior that has kept you safe in the past. You think if you spend this time bracing yourself for a personal or spiritual pratfall, then somehow you’ll avoid it. But really what you’re doing is taking away from the lightness and openness in the moment — the contentment and power that comes from being open and true-to-you. Take that back for yourself and enjoy it. 

Sagittarius – 6 of Pentacles

Virgo Season 2021 Tarotscope for Sagittarius

Life gives you what you’re open to receiving. How can you use this season to put yourself in the position of opening up to what you want? It could mean giving generously without expectation, or putting your work (or yourself) out there, setting a boundary, or starting a daily tarot practice. In order to generate more of the balance we seek in life, we have to take action and also be available for insights, intuition, and what we need to come to us. Which do you need to do more of right now — the giving or the receiving? What would the right balance feel like to you? 

Capricorn – Page of Wands Rx*

Virgo Season 2021 Tarotscope for Capricorn

Ground that fire, Cap. Before you go leaping into the next thing, take a pause. Because it’s Virgo season, make it a sacred pause. There’s a new beginning emerging for you, but you’re being asked to trust your timing. Really consider how you want to channel your energy in this next phase. What path have you been on? What have you learned this summer? What do you want to change? There’s a wisdom and rebelliousness to this Page that reminds us that in order to get a different result you have to shake things up and actually do it differently. What does that feel and look like to you? 

Aquarius – Justice Rx*

Virgo Season 2021 Tarotscope for Aquarius

Let’s cut away the bullshit, shall we? Justice is the truth and balance that comes from being radically honest about a situation and knowing in your bones what the right move is — even if it isn’t the easiest move. We humans usually get tripped up around that radical honesty piece, though. It’s hard not to be biased about things that affect us. And even if the right choice will ultimately be better for us in the long run, it’s often hard to see that clearly when we’re letting our preferences, biases, and emotions cloud our judgement. Step back from whatever situation is proving difficult and take a breath. Focus on the objective facts. And pay attention to simple and direct messages from your inner knowing (*not emotionally or fear-charged reactions*) — these will feel calm and clear.

Pisces – 3 of Cups 

Virgo Season 2021 Tarotscope for Pisces

Gather your coven, Pisces. Virgo season brings a full moon in your sign, and it’s gonna feel like an extra illuminated harvest time. Whatever you’ve been through so far this year, know that you’ve internalized some valuable lessons and things are starting to come to fruition. Know that you have the reinforcement and shared experience of kindred spirits. Even if it doesn’t feel like you have immediate access to your community right now, there is a supportive presence around you during this time. Recognize it and enjoy it.

*If you’re wondering what Rx means:

Rx means reversal (or an upside down card). I love reversed cards because they bring a different flavor to the meaning. I read them as something to dive deeper with, a more internal facing energy — kind of like a retrograde planet. The nuanced meanings are reflected in my interpretations/write ups about the card. Read more about reversals here.

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