Aries Season 2021 Tarotscopes

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Aries Season Tarotscopes

Aries Season 2021 Tarotscopes are here, with a tarot card for each zodiac sign highlighting what your self-care and growth opportunities are from March 20-April 19, 2021. Read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for the full picture.

The kickoff to Aries Season brings with it the Spring Equinox, or Ostara, and a new astrological year (Aries is the first sign of the zodiac). A time of equal light and dark, this is a celebration of finding balance and new beginnings. It’s a potent time of creation, awakening, rebirth, and honoring a fresh cycle.

It’s a transformative time, great for setting intentions, making plans, and coming out of the cocooning time with appreciation.

Aries Season Tarot

What’s a Tarotscope?

It’s like a horoscope, but instead of interpreting planetary movements, I pull a card for each zodiac sign and share the themes and questions coming up at this time.

You can read the cards for your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs — in fact, I recommend it. If you don’t know your Sun (that’s the sign you’d typically read your horoscope for), Moon, and Rising/Ascendant signs, get your birth time and city, if possible, and plug it in over here.

In case you missed it, you can check out your Pisces Season Tarotscope here

Here are your Aries Season 2021 Tarotscopes:

Aries – 5 of Pentacles

Aries Season Tarot for Aries

How you move through times of stress and worry can make all the difference. We all inevitably face times of tightness, difficulty and scarcity — it’s part of being human — but we have the power to use those times constructively, too. What’s in your toolkit for easing your anxiety and making proactive choices? Remember that you are supported even when it feels like you’re out in the cold. Don’t let your burdens overwhelm you, you CAN ask for help — perhaps especially when it feels like you can’t.

Taurus – Knight of Cups 

Aries Season Tarot for Taurus

Take action on your intuition and felt experience. Knights are about embodying our mission out in the world and the Knight of Cups is motivated to move by their emotions, heart-felt ideas, and intuitive powers. They may not be able to logically explain their direction, but they back themselves nonetheless. What do you feel in your body to be the next right adventure? Moving with an ease that comes from knowing in your depths what’s right for you, you can leave a space better than when you found it because of the gentleness and grace that following your inner wisdom provides. Where can you use your imagination to inspire action?

Gemini – 9 of Cups Rx

Aries Season Tarot for Gemini

How can you counteract the feeling that the rug is going to be pulled out from underneath you? By getting present and appreciating what you have around you right in this very moment. Rather than bracing yourself for the worst case scenario, it’s time to make a commitment to finding the good in the now and allowing yourself to nurture dreams for something bigger, or perhaps different than what you think you should want. Eschew materialistic striving for something experienced and felt and refocus on your values.  

Cancer – 7 of Wands

Aries Season Tarot for Cancer

Forget the haters. You’re being asked to get out in front and lead in your own unique way, but the noise (or perceived noise) from competitors or naysayers may have you feeling like you constantly need to defend yourself. Instead of playing into that exhausting and unfulfilling game, try focusing on getting okay with being misunderstood. Use this month to realign with your spirit, creativity, and personal motivation. The world needs what you’re specially qualified to share, don’t let the doubt and frustration at what others are saying or thinking block that. 

Leo – 4 of Cups 

Aries Season Tarot for Leo

Consider this a permission slip to take a break. You need some time to process your feelings and digest all that’s weighing on you. Use your time out to reflect on the habits that are no longer working for you. Positive changes don’t need to look like a complete overhaul of your life, they can be small tweaks to your routine that create a more fulfilling experience over time. Remember that you can’t miss out on what’s right for you, so don’t be afraid to say no or put up boundaries that help you make these adjustments. Rather than dwelling, use this experience to learn how to take responsibility for your emotions in a healthy way. 

Virgo – 6 of Swords

Aries Season Tarot for Virgo

Moving on isn’t easy even if you know it’s the right thing to do. You might not have a clear picture of where you’re headed or maybe the grief of it all is creeping in. This is an invitation to trust yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to do it alone, in fact, this card is encouraging you to find help and support from someone who can show you the bigger picture in a gentle way. Ask for help and come back to trusting yourself — especially in the unknown. You’ve come this far, keep going. 

Libra – Strength Rx

Aries Season Tarot for Libra

Find yourself an anchor that can do both. Both help you explore your wildness — what you fear within yourself — and help you love on it. An anchor is a practice, a tool or modality, or support person that can help you stay grounded and remind you of your strength when you do the difficult work of opening your heart. Strength is about taking action in alignment with your heart. “Follow your heart” reads like a bad cliche, but it’s some of the hardest work we can do when we’ve done nothing but put walls up around it. What will help you face life with hope and eagerness in times of change? Do more of that.  

Scorpio – The Devil Rx

Aries Season Tarot for Scorpio

Liberation from the old stories and shame is within reach. The Devil comes up to show us how we can free ourselves from the things that are keeping us down — in negative cycles and self-destructive behaviors. The freedom comes from getting honest with ourselves and making new choices where we once felt stuck. What area of your life comes to mind when I mention words like stuck, regret, negative, shame and guilt? That’s where to focus your efforts. 

Sagittarius – Justice 

Aries Season Tarot for Sagittarius

Are you living from your truth? Justice is a process of first slicing to the heart — the objective, unbiased truth — of a situation. From there you must reflect on the wisdom that comes from that truth and your role or responsibility in the situation. Recognizing where you can turn the mistakes of your past into that wisdom is a pivotal point in our self-actualizing. Don’t skip over it. It’s only from there that you can find a more balanced and fair state of being. 

Capricorn – 3 of Cups Rx

Aries Season Tarot for Capricorn

Reconnect with your community. You might feel like support and celebration of your efforts is out of reach right now, but you need it more than ever. Find creative ways to surround yourself with the soul family that makes you feel seen and encouraged. Resist the urge to continually strive and figure out how to honor the current harvest in your life. What have you worked towards that’s coming to ripeness? Remembering the importance of friendships is essential to your wellbeing and makes external achievements more fulfilling. 

Aquarius – 7 of Swords 

Aries Season Tarot for Aquarius

Acting out of constant comparison isn’t getting you anywhere you want to go. Instead of looking everywhere (and at everyone) else for inspiration or validation, it’s time to take a look at why you don’t feel like you’re enough. Fun times, eh? This card brings up that niggling and recurring thought of not enoughness. Luckily our thoughts are not reality, even though they can feel like it. Start challenging these thoughts when they pop up and actively engage in the self-talk that you are, in fact, enough. Because you are. Consider what you already have. 

Pisces – 8 of Cups Rx

Aries Season Tarot for Pisces

What emotional burdens do you need to release in order to move forward? A new chapter is calling, but feels out of reach because of the grip that the past has on you. There’s something you must let go of in order to find your next adventure. Beginnings and positive changes bring unknowns, which is why we sometimes stay in old holding patterns that no longer serve us — because they’re at least comfortable in their known-ness. Consider how you can spring clean what’s holding you back, process it, and find a trust in yourself that’s unshakable regardless of the unknown. 

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