Pisces Season Tarotscopes

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Pisces Season Tarotscopes

Pisces Season Tarotscopes are here, with a tarot card for each zodiac sign highlighting what your self-care and growth opportunities are from February 18-March 20, 2021. Read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for the full picture.

Sensitive, deep diving, and empathetic Pisces Season is here to shift your focus to your feeling nature (how you feel things and respond to those feelings). 

This season hits just before the Spring Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) and is a great time to focus on strengthening your intuition and examining where you’re evolving and changing — or where you’d like to. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, and is said to contain the wisdom of all the signs, so it’s also a time of culmination, endings that lead into beginnings and internalizing lessons.

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What’s a Tarotscope?

It’s like a horoscope, but instead of interpreting planetary movements, I pull a card for each zodiac sign and share the themes and questions coming up at this time.

You can read the cards for your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs — in fact, I recommend it. If you don’t know your Sun (that’s the sign you’d typically read your horoscope for), Moon, and Rising/Ascendant signs, get your birth time and city, if possible, and plug it in over here.

In case you missed it, you can check out your Aquarius Season Tarotscope here.

Here are your cards for Pisces Season:

Aries – Page of Pentacles

Pisces Season Tarot Reading for Aries

Feel your feet on the ground. Pages are about new beginnings and embodying your knowledge and curiosity out in the world. And Pentacles are the Earth element, which represents the physical, your body, resources, doing your soul’s work, and the magic of being a human on this planet. 

What do you feel curious about right now? Has something been calling you for a little while that feels important? This Page is reverent and purposeful in the way they move through the world and they’re asking you to do the same.

Focus on learning, exploring, and tapping into your connection to nature. If you’ve been feeling a little stuck lately, consider this your push to take a step forward in a direction that feels good to you. Notice your initial responses to invitations — what does a yes feel like in your body? How about a no? Can you honor these?

Taurus – 8 of Wands

Pisces Season Tarot Reading for Taurus

Make finding your flow top priority this month. Consider a river, water is constantly moving through it, changing it, surging at points and slowly strickling in others. But it’s still the same river. Consider what the river of you looks like. What are your patterns and rhythms? What are your defining characteristics? How do you respond to outside elements?

This card invites you to find your own unique flow in response to all the external factors being thrown your way. There’s a lot happening and there’s a lot of energy available to you at this time. It’s your job to trust yourself to be flexible and adapt to what happens in the ways that are right for you. 

Gemini – 4 of Cups

Pisces Season Tarot Reading for Gemini

Give yourself some time to process and digest all that you’ve been hit with this past year. You won’t miss out on what is truly right for you, so let that give you permission to take your time to explore what’s on your heart, and learn how to best hear what your intuition is trying to share with you. Acknowledge what’s feeling like a hell yes in your life (Pssst, everything else is a no).

Has there been something you’re overlooking that needs to be changed in your life? Give yourself small but intentional stretches of quiet to notice what’s coming up for you. A time to focus rest and reflection. Reflect on: What do you truly want from life? What are you being shown by contrast? How can you break old patterns? 

Cancer – 10 of Pentacles

Pisces Season Tarot Reading for Cancer

What are your beliefs around security and happiness? If you think that money and material things are what create a sense of those two things, it’s time to look a little deeper. This is a card of big ancestral and karmic healing around safety, stability, and fulfillment. What beliefs about money and stability have you inherited from your family lineage? Is there an undercurrent of lack, scarcity and fear that fuels every decision you make with money?

Shedding the beliefs that don’t belong to you and taking action in ways that are in alignment with your true values have the power to heal on many levels. This takes time, but begin by taking a closer look at your actions and reactions. Question and find where you can make some tweaks to step into a new relationship with the material world.

It’s possible to live in a capitalist society AND write our own rules about abundance and work AND live a comfortable and fulfilled life.

Leo – King of Cups

Pisces Season Tarot Reading for Leo

You’re being asked to embody leadership in the realm of your emotions and intuition. All the unseen things you sense are valuable information that you can use to help both yourself and others. There’s a healing quality of this King that suggests when you take responsibility for your own feelings and how you act on them, you create a healing container for others.

This king is a guide, an example for other healers. It’s about being able to stay centered for others and yourself, regardless of what external circumstances throw at you. It’s knowing yourself and your heart so well that it effortlessly ameliorates others’ experience. This level of caretaking and leadership requires you to continually find balance within yourself.

What would it look and feel like to blend your intuitive and feeling powers with your creative momentum and passions? How can you balance them daily? How can you support others to do the same? 

Virgo – 3 of Pentacles

Pisces Season Tarot Reading for Virgo

Let go of the judgements and opinions of others — they’re none of your business, anyway. Seeking approval or validation from others will only get you so far. Use this season to consider where you feel in alignment with your daily work, habits, and routines and where you don’t.

This card is about building something lasting with your natural and developed gifts and talents, and of working with others in a harmonious way. But the reversal suggests that you take some time to review and reassess how these themes are showing up. Your mission is finding fulfillment and flow in your work and bringing your unique genius to all your roles in life.

Where can you pivot, do more of what you love, and less of what you don’t? Start with small tweaks and expand out from there. 

Libra – Queen of Pentacles

Pisces Season Tarot Reading for Libra

Consider your connection to the Earth and her rhythms. This Queen is hyper aware of the magic of nature and the strength they get from it. How are you connected to your own rhythms and cycles? How do you honor your wellbeing in a way that’s grounded and intuitive?

Focus on listening to and respecting your body’s needs, responses, and cravings for movement, food, certain types of clothes, and environments. This is the self-care Queen and they’re calling on you to embody the wisdom that lives within you to nurture yourself deeply. This is a reminder to focus on trusting yourself and your inner knowledge. From there you will know how to tend to yourself and others. 

Scorpio – 8 of Cups 

Pisces Season Tarot Reading for Scorpio

Transformation doesn’t happen by sitting still. You’re being asked to walk away from something you’ve valued. This is probably something that’s helped you, and is perfectly FINE, but it just isn’t lighting up your heart anymore. This energy is challenging because you often don’t want to specifically identify the thing that you must leave behind (even though you can sense that you need to) and because it’s hard to say goodbye.

There’s an element of trust we must have in ourselves to walk away. We must trust our intuition and heart that we’re walking away for something new, magical, and significant for us. If you’re having trouble with this energy, consider what you’d like the next chapter of your life to look like. Then identify what’s not in that next chapter that might be keeping you stuck in this one. Start making moves to release it. 

Sagittarius – 5 of Pentacles

Pisces Season Tarot Reading for Sagittarius

Rewrite your story around not having enough, being enough, and feeling disconnected. This card feels like a contraction, a tightening — it’s scarcity, low self-worth, and victimhood — things ALL of us humans deal with on different levels daily. In the reversal though, we’re starting to feel the easing of the tension, and seeing the silver lining.

While daily stresses are always present, you can start turning your narrative around. No matter what you’re experiencing, you always get to choose your perspective. And while these difficult feelings will inevitably creep up in life, you get to decide how you’re going to handle them and work through them going forward.

Get out a pen and paper and write out your old story around self-worth, stability, security, and money. Then write your new one from the perspective of the lessons you’ve learned and what you will actively commit to doing differently. This is a lifelong perspective shift you can slowly work towards. 

Capricorn – High Priestess

Pisces Season Tarot Reading for Capricorn

Your intuition is waiting for you to listen. We all have access to an inner knowing, a wisdom that lives in our bodies. It’s communicating with us all the time. But it’s usually not as loud as our mind and ego, and as a society, we aren’t taught how to tune into it and value the info we receive.

The High Priestess wants you to give yourself some quiet time and mental space. You can do this any time, but if it’s hard to find the time, try right before bed or when you wake up. Start with a few minutes of silence and see what comes up.

You can also use a few deep breaths to center yourself and try asking your intuition a few playful questions like: What do I wear today? What should I snack on? What should I do next? Act on the answers you receive. This is how we start to strengthen the intuition muscle.

Aquarius – 7 of Wands

Pisces Season Tarot Reading for Aquarius

Stop comparing and competing. Getting sucked into outside distractions that are throwing you off your course and leaving you with a sense of unrest that doesn’t belong to you is benefiting no one. Consider this: You don’t need to constantly prove yourself. Instead, you can get out in front and lead in a way that feels unique to you, that you feel inspired to do and feel passionate about.

But it’s not about proving anything, it’s about making changes. This is your signal to say f*ck the nasayers, get out there and do it differently without having to explain yourself. 

Pisces – Judgement 

Pisces Season Tarot Reading for Pisces

Examine where you’ve been judging others and yourself. Because where we’re doing one, we’re also doing the other. The major uplevel available in this message is to transmute judgements into love. Which is no easy feat, but absolutely possible when we tune our awareness to it and start to make different choices.

You’re being called to something bigger than you. There’s an opportunity to really step into your purpose in the Judgement card, but the prerequisite for doing that is to start coming from a place of love, not fear. True purpose comes from the heart, and to lead with that, judgements have to fall by the wayside. You don’t have to be perfect at this, but you will have to exercise awareness, effort, and action in the right direction.

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