Taurus Season 2020 Self-care Tarotscopes

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Self-care Tarotscopes

Welcome to Taurus Season 2020 and the first installment of Self-care Tarotscopes.  

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The way I read tarot for myself involves asking questions, owning up to hard truths, and journaling out my answers, thoughts, follow ups, and ideas for how I can take action and care for myself TODAY. 

I wanted to bring a bit of that to you in hopes that it will help you strengthen your wellbeing and put you in touch with your inner guidance. 

Today’s cards are your themes for Taurus season — a time of embracing and celebrating all your senses. Ruled by Venus, Taurus is all about the body, worth, sensuality, and abundance. The themes for everyone include:

  • Honoring what your body wants and needs
  • Reassessing your self-worth
  • Indulging and enjoying
  • Giving as much attention to your leisure time as you do your work time

And all of this is, of course, through the lense of a global pandemic, which complicates things immeasurably and restricts what we’re able to do. Luckily these readings are focused on making shifts from the inside out and don’t require anything but your attention and intention.

Taurus Season Self-Care Tarotscopes

How tarotscopes work

It’s like a horoscope, but instead of interpreting planetary movements, I pull a card for each zodiac sign and share the themes and questions coming up at this time. You can read about the cards for your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs — in fact, I recommend it if you want a full picture. 

If you don’t know your Sun, Moon, or Rising/Ascendant signs, get your birth time and city, if possible, and plug it in over here.

Learn how to create your own New Moon Ritual here.

Aries: 3 of Pentacles

3 of Pentacles Rx

Teamwork makes the dream work, and that goes for your inner world too — the body, mind, and spirit working together in a balance that’s unique to you. Maybe what you’re doing right now doesn’t feel in your wheelhouse. How can you shift or adjust to find the right balance for you internally? This tweaking will make you a better teammate to those around you and set you up to better support yourself.

There’s great potential to build something special personally and externally, but it starts with feeling a sense of purpose and acting on it. You can start practicing this in your daily routines. Begin with an intention and find small ways to focus on it and nurture it. You might be surprised on how it grows from there, Aries. Collaboration is wonderful, but you have to start coordinating with yourself and your personal mission first.

Taurus: The Moon

The Moon

Getting comfortable in the unknown. Oof. You want to plan, build, and create, but your sense of security and routine might seem fragile and you feel suspended between worlds. This is not a time of high productivity and motivation, but a time to be. To float. To blossom where you’re planted. 

The Moon is about facing the scary feeling of uncertainty and learning to flow with it. It’s hard work most of us don’t want to do, but it’s essential to being a human on the planet. Rather than achieving and moving on to the next goal on repeat, you’re being forced to stand still and do the harder work of getting to know all the parts of you. Especially the ones you’d prefer to ignore. 

Turning inward and finding your personal center in the key to moving through this period with grace. Can you do it in a way that feels cozy, sensual, and ritualized? Set the scene, Taurus. Pair it with food, drink, or scent. It can be a sensory experience that isn’t all shadow and fear. 

Gemini: 6 of Swords

6 of swords

Finding a new perspective. Now is a time for seeking guidance, can you find someone or something (like a practice or tool) that can help you see the forest for the trees? You’re expanding your vision of what’s possible and learning to move forward in a new way, but this can be scary for the brain. The brain wants to keep things the same, because it feels comfortable and safe, but you know it’s time to adjust your mental framework. 

The old thoughts and paradigms aren’t working for you anymore, Gemini. It’s not easy to change, which is why support and proactive practices are integral. Anything that can help you process your thoughts, communicate your needs, and move forward will be crucial during the next few weeks. Consider future self journaling, seeking a form of therapy, or asking someone close to you to listen. 

Cancer: Page of Swords

Page of Swords

Self expression is important right now. Is there a new way you can express yourself (or an old way you’ve kind of forgotten about)? Consider what your current coping strategies are and how they impact your mental health. Don’t be afraid to try new things, set up boundaries, or to share your hopes and fears with others.

You’re courageous at your core, Cancer, but you might be second guessing yourself. Don’t let the brain trick you into self-censorship. Your thoughts, ideas, and self-expression are valid and worth putting out into the world. It might even feel like a breath of fresh air. 

Leo: 4 of Pentacles

4 of Pentacles

It’s time to reassess your needs. We all need water, food, shelter, and sleep. But what else do you need to feel solid, balanced, secure? In this time of self-isolating, some boundaries are prescribed for us, but which ones can you put in place for yourself to take charge of your health and happiness? 

What needs to be added or taken away to create the conditions for a new era of thriving? Maybe it’s art, dance, therapy, or a new form of connection. Maybe it’s giving up shopping for a season. Maybe it’s setting aside the first hour of your morning to do something nice for your body and mind. Only you know the right changes to make. Be sure not to ignore the first few things that come to mind. 

Laying a solid foundation for yourself will help you radiate your natural Leo warmth outward. 

Virgo: 5 of Swords

5 of Swords

Regret. Guilt. Shame. Are these things keeping you up at night? Do you feel like you could have done better? Are you looking back on past actions and wishing it played out differently? Living in the past (even if you’re only looking back to 45 minutes ago) won’t get you anywhere. If you fucked up and hurt someone, give a sincere apology if possible, but then offer forgiveness yourself too. 

Living in a constant state of beating yourself up isn’t helping anyone or making your life better. This card offers you a real opportunity to learn how to recenter after that guilt and shame comes tapping on your shoulder. You’re in the process of learning how to strengthen your ability to acknowledge an issue or old story (i.e. “I always do this!”), let it go, and recenter. Keep trying, Virgo! It will get easier with practice. Come back to your core self, take a deep breath, then move on. Know better, do better. 

Libra: 2 of Pentacles

2 of Pentacles Rx

You’re naturally drawn to balance and finding the middle ground. This card suggests that there’s an extra component at play that’s getting in the way of your flow and balance. You’re being asked to learn how to roll with the punches and continually find your equilibrium on uneven and often changing ground — not an easy feat, but also not impossible for you, Libra.

There’s an element of fun and playfulness that’s lost to the extra weight you’re carrying right now and you can feel it. Can you find a way to lessen the weight of what you’re carrying or find a new way for flow to happen. Sometimes it’s just about taking the pressure off yourself, asking for help, or finding a way to pivot.  

Scorpio: King of Pentacles

king of pentacles rx

Your authenticity is your biggest ally. Where are you hiding or conforming to a mold that just isn’t you for the sake of success? You don’t have to keep doing it. In fact, if you write your own rules and trust your own instincts, your magnetism will kick into high gear. 

On the same tip, if you’re overindulging for the sake of numbing (be it with alcohol, food, shopping, etc) think about what taking a break would look/feel like. You might be dulling the you-ness that you desperately want access to right now. You’re not scared of digging deep, Scorpio, but you might just have to hit the refresh button to make the most of it. 

Sagittarius: 9 of Pentacles

9 of pentacles rx

Privilege guilt might be overwhelming right now. But the antidote isn’t beating yourself up and continuing the shame cycle or comparing your circumstances to others. In fact, that makes it worse and you’re still just focusing on yourself. 

Having gratitude for your situation, how far you’ve come, and what you’ve worked for is the move here. Now is not the time for moving on to the next thing as quickly as possible, Sag. Take a break. Get some fresh air. Get dressed in something that make you feel good. Do something nice for yourself. Spend quality time with your people (virtually if necessary). Let yourself appreciate all the good stuff you have and the hard work it took to get you here. Then you can start to give back to your community in a productive way. 

Capricorn: 5 of Pentacles

5 of pentacles rx

You’re battling feelings of fear, lack, and insecurity. But you’re winning the battle. These sticky issues have come up a lot for everyone over the past month+, but you feel these things acutely. Security and structure are your jam, Capricorn, and circumstances have been rocked to say the least. Worrying isn’t going to do you any good, nor is playing into the idea that you’re unsupported. 

But the 5 of Pentacles Reversed suggests that the initial squeeze of tension and fear has released and you’re being called to develop a plan. How can you keep yourself busy in a way that feels useful or meditative? How can you create routines that make the day less chaotic? Control what you can control right now, especially the important stuff like your attitude, the media you’re consuming, and the amount of rest you’re getting.

Aquarius: 5 of Cups

5 of cups rx

Typically you’re one for building a bridge and getting over it, but letting yourself feel your feelings has its perks, too — like catharsis and renewed clarity. There’s a lot to feel shitty and defeated about right now, but don’t let that make you lose your sense of hope and future dreaming, Aquarius. 

Once you can acknowledge the complicated and conflicting emotions that might be bouncing around in your heart, you can start to release them. Let that look however it needs to (yelling, pillow punching, and tears are all allowed). When we give ourselves full permission to feel and express our emotions and not a.) take them out on others or b.) ignore them, an alchemical change happens, helping us shift away from the heavier stuff in a healthy way. Then you can start to get over that bridge.  

Pisces: 3 of Cups

3 of cups

Sweet Pisces, your community is here for you. Don’t be afraid to reach out and bring people (virtually) together. It may not feel like it when you’re deep in the feels of it all, but you are supported. Repeating it again for emphasis: You are supported. And your empathy can be a source of positivity and support for your inner circle, too.

It’s a great time to lean into the Taurus of it all with things that look, feel, taste, and smell wonderful and luxurious. How can you make a meal or evening a full sensory experience? Raise your glass and celebrate what you have with your coven. Find levity and love where you can and be a source of that for others. 


Book a more in-depth personal tarot for self-care reading with me over at leahvanderveldt.com.

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