Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2020 + Kicking of Eclipse Season

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Photo: Altınay Dinç for Unsplash

It seems as though we’re already starting to feel the intensity of eclipse season. We’re kicking off June with a lunar eclipse at this Full Moon in Sagittarius (find the exact timing here). This is the first of three eclipses over the next month and what this means is: Changes are going to start sweeping through. They’ll be significant, but with Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto all retrograde (and Mercury gearing up to be!) it’s gonna involve a whole lotta personal, internal shifts. 

Eclipses are times for pattern setting (or resetting) so we can grow in alignment with our soul. What patterns do you want to change in your life?

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As Madi Murphy of Cosmic Revolution put it, “Eclipses are the cosmic power washers, if you choose what you’re letting go of, it’s a helluva lot better than having the universe decide for you.” Read more here.

Look at where the tension has been building for the past couple of weeks (or months or YEARS, for that matter) and where you find your focus being drawn to. There’s a lot of potential for changes in the way we show up to relationships of all kinds, how we tap into our inherent worthiness, and freeing ourselves from the structures, stories, and judgements that are holding us back. 

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Finding your purpose from the inside out

It’s a time to take personal responsibility for your energy and your contribution to relationships of all kinds — including the one with yourself. It’s this personal accountability that will steer collective change. 

We’re all on our own path of seeking knowledge, truth, and purpose and it’s time to discover/admit what’s preventing you from looking within for the answers. Identify what external factors are syphoning off your energy and clouding your intuition (hint: you probably already know what those factors are) and finding a new way to do things. This can mean changing the way you work, dropping a spiritual practice that’s no longer serving you, catching yourself in certain thought patterns, and setting serious boundaries around social media and news overload.

The purpose of all of this is to create a life that’s aligned with your core self. It’s about rooting out the distractions that are taking you off your authentic path and redirecting with small, everyday actions. First, focus on what you want to let go of. And then give yourself the grace and space to let it happen. 

Eclipses work best when you don’t try to do too much, but just surrender to your intention and ride the wave. 

But, for f*cks sake, have a little fun with it. Even our deepest shadows deserve to play in the light. Find a way to strike a balance between what you’re clearing away and what you can celebrate — no matter how small. Allow for some joy, curiosity and indulgence — whatever that means to you. 

Self-care for the Sagittarius Full Moon

  • Dance it out
  • Breath of Fire
  • Move your body to process any anger that comes up — dancing, running, walking, jumping, whatever feels right to you
  • Take four deep belly breaths with extra long exhales whenever you remember throughout the day
  • Stream of consciousness journaling: Pick a topic that’s causing pain or irritation in your life, set a timer for 20 minutes and write out all the gross, angry, intense thoughts you have. Then delete it, tear it up, burn it — just get rid of it

While it’s not recommended that you do any rituals or spell work on eclipses, introspection is a good activity. Consider doing a tarot spread for yourself.

Full Moon Eclipse Tarot Spread

Full Moon Eclipse Tarot Spread

i. What lesson have I absorbed this past cycle?
ii. What am I being invited to cultivate over the next six months?
iii. What can I release with this eclipse to help me move forward? 
iv. What gift or superpower is being revealed to me during this season? 

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