My #1 Tip for Drinking More Water

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Ugh, huge eye roll, right? Either you’re a champ at getting your 8 glasses a day or you suck at it and you’re totally over model-types attributing their glowing skin to all that water they’re drinking.

I can really feel it when I don’t get enough water – headaches and panicky feelings galore. It’s important to me that I get at least the minimum 2 liters in a day, but more often it’s  3-4 liters because a.) I sweat a lot and b.) I have a Maldon salt addiction.

My tip for drinking more water is simple:

Get a water bottle.

I know, revolutionary right? But I’m telling you, it really works.

I have a big 1 liter (40 ounce) Kleen Kanteen (I like these too) and a smaller one to take with me when I’m out and about. I keep the big one on my desk all day while I’m working and I love knowing I only have to fill it up a couple of times.

It’s a whole lot easier to consume more when a full liter is sitting right in front of you and it makes it simple to keep track of how much you’re drinking.

Hot tip:  make your water bottle something you like looking at. That thing should be at your side more often than not.

As 50 Cent once said (on his branded Vitamin Water label), “get hydrated or die tryin”.

Photo credit: Leah Vanderveldt

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