6 Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

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6 Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Learn a few simple ways to celebrate the summer solstice wherever you are. 

Solstices and Equinoxes are the markers of season changes and powerful portals for shifts in our lives. Solstices mark both the longest day or night of the year. They’re also a great time to pause, assess where you are and how far you’ve come, appreciate the present moment, and celebrate. 

Honoring these collective energetic shifts can help us feel connected to nature, our own bodies, our ancestry, and new stages of life. 

The Summer Solstice, or Litha on the Wheel of the Year, is a celebration of wellbeing and light. This joyful time of warmth, sunshine, vibrance, abundance, and all things solar honors the longest day of the year. 

It’s about savoring the bright juiciness of the moment with the bittersweet knowledge that each day grows a little darker from this point on. This isn’t meant to be depressing, but it should serve as encouragement to enjoy and luxuriate in what you have when you have it. 

There are many ways to celebrate the Summer Solstice, I was particularly inspired by Celtic, Gaelic, and Nordic traditions (as these are part of my heritage). Give a few of these a try if you’re looking to mark the day. 

Time outdoors 

It’s the longest day of the year, after all. If the weather allows, plan an evening outside with a picnic or barbeque. Ideally, stay out until the sun sets and until the last of the daylight is gone. But really, anytime outside will help you connect to the nature around you. 


Or do something that’s an outward expression of your joy. The peak energy of the sun asks us to gather with others and enjoy a time of connection with each other and nature. And outdoor gathering + music = dancing. Moving your body to music is a wonderful way to honor the sun and express yourself. 

Flowers & herbs 

Wild flowers, garden harvests, bouquets, and flower crowns are all welcome. Symbolizing the height of daytime, lifeforce and aliveness, fresh plant life is a beautiful way to honor the solstice in your home. Use fresh herbs in dishes and decorate with flowers. 

Get barefoot

Walk through the grass, around your home, on sand, or wherever you find yourself. Feel your connection to the ground. 

Summer Solstice Strawberries

Seasonal food

A great time for all the juiciest, most colorful produce, make big salads and platters with fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The best part of this time of year is that most ingredients do well with simple prep, think: a little olive oil, salt and lemon or berries and cream.

See my Summer Solstice Salad.

Bonfires & BBQs 

Fire helps us celebrate the light and the dark. Bonfires and fire of all kinds (candlelight, barbecue, etc.) can remind us of the warmth we have access to now.

Tarot Spread for the Summer Solstice / Reflection Questions

Summer Solstice Tarot Spread

Card 1: What part of me is ready to shine? 
Card 2: How can I support my growth? 
Card 3: What am I ready to share? 
Card 4: How can I relax into presence? 
Card 5: How can I open up to joy in a new way? 
Card 6: Where is my inner fire moving me this season?

Share your Summer Solstice tarot spread with me @leah.vanderveldt on Instagram.

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