Tarot Books & Resources

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Tarot Books and Resources

Whether you’re just starting out with Tarot or have been reading for a while, there’s always more to learn. I’ve gathered together a collection of Tarot books that I’ve learned from over the years. See my full list here.

Note: This post contains affiliate links through bookshop.org.

For more about Tarot:

My favorite books about Tarot blend the old interpretations with a modern and updated approach and focus on using the Tarot a tool for self-acceptance, growth, and finding clarity. The best books also inform and educate while encouraging you to use your intuition and develop your own understanding and interpretations of the cards.

To get a better grasp on the Tarot, there has to be some rote learning involved. But that only works if you can internalize the meanings with grounded and relatable experience. That’s why having multiple sources of Tarot information to refer to is helpful. Even if meanings from two different sources contradict one another, you’re getting a wider range of knowledge to work with and interpret in your own way.

How to learn Tarot

Learning 78 cards can be intimidating at first. My suggestion for students of the Tarot is to do a single daily card pull and journal with the cards. You can, of course, expand out to 3-card spreads, but focusing on a single card and energy per day is a sustainable way to strengthen your knowledge and perception of the cards over time.

I encourage you to start a Tarot journal for your daily card pulls. First, write down your initial feelings and thoughts about the cards (that’s you reading intuitively, look at you go!), then refer to one or two of the Tarot books below and note any information that feels particularly relevant or interesting. Journalling these findings helps you process and track your progress.

Tarot Books & Resources

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