Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes

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Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes 2020

Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes are here, with a tarot card for each zodiac sign highlighting what your self-care and growth opportunities are from November 21-December 21, 2020. Read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for the full picture.

Damn, Scorpio Season was INTENSE, no? This whole year’s been about riding the waves of intensity, but Scorpio showed us what we needed to shed and let go of in a very visceral way.

But now here we are stepping into Sag Season. I won’t promise carefree lightness or enlightenment, but there’s a refreshed air that comes with a new perspective. It’s a time to embrace curiosity and deep thinking about your life and the role you’re playing in the stories you tell yourself.

Clarity will reveal itself with patience and persistence. And while there’s a restless feeling in the air — like an eagerness to rush to the end or onto the next thing — you’re being invited to celebrate and practice gratitude for all that’s brought you to this point and all that lies ahead.

It’s a season of transmutation and finding the balance amid big shifts and changes.

Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes November 21-December 21 2020

What’s a Tarotscope?

It’s like a horoscope, but instead of interpreting planetary movements, I pull a card for each zodiac sign and share the themes and questions coming up at this time.

You can read the cards for your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs — in fact, I recommend it. If you don’t know your Sun (that’s the sign you’d typically read your horoscope for), Moon, and Rising/Ascendant signs, get your birth time and city, if possible, and plug it in over here.

In case you missed it, you can check out your Scorpio Season Tarotscope here. Or book an in-depth tarot reading or breathwork session with me.

Here are your cards for Scorpio Season:

Aries – The Fool Rx

Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes for Aries

Don’t let other people’s fear and expectations make you doubt yourself. The Fool is the start of a whole new soul journey for you. It requires taking a leap and having faith in both yourself and the universe to catch you. But leaps are, by definition, scary and we can question the intuition and instinct that led us to make a big decision.

If you feel like things are moving too fast or you’ve acted too impetuously, make some space in your month to ground down, reflect, and refine your plan. And then lean into trusting yourself to follow through, because trusting the Universe and trusting yourself are one in the same. If you’re feeling fear or anxiety creep in, focus on what you know you can do to make the most of the experience. 

Taurus – 6 of Wands 

Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes for Taurus

Unchecked, our notions of success are often pretty one-dimensional — a goal, amount of money, or material thing that we think is going to change everything. So when we actually get that thing in our 3D life, we’re left kind of feeling meh, what’s next? While this card is a sign of those peaks of productivity and payoff, it also encourages you to go a little deeper. What does real success feel like for you? It’s most likely the feeling under the material thing that you’re after — like love, connection, security, etc. Start thinking about the ways you can create more of those feelings in your life on an emotional and spiritual level, too. 

Now is the time to use your power and influence for good. Don’t focus on the judgements of others or the shade you might be feeling thrown your way because you’ve reached a certain level of success — instead, think about how you can collaborate, build others up, and share the love. That’s how you really win. 

Gemini – 2 of Pentacles

Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes for Gemini

A month for getting in your flow. Rather than choosing to do ALL of the things that light up your brain, why not pick a select few to focus on right now. We can’t do everything at the highest level of excellence, although I know you are more capable than most, instead choose the things that are really lighting you up and make those your main projects this month. We didn’t come to this earth to stress and struggle constantly, there’s a divine balance wanting to surface that favors the kind of ease and flow that happens when you’re doing the things that your soul is drawn to. That infinity symbol means there’s a universal force at work, bringing you into a state of harmony and balance when you choose to engage with the things that are a hell yes for you. 

Cancer – Temperance Rx

Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes for Cancer

Don’t take it all so seriously, Cancer. If things feel a little bit stuck or stalled at the moment, it’s time to let in some levity and space. This life is about balance — and the alchemy that happens when we combine our fire (the creative spark, our spirit, our motivation and drive) and our water (our emotional and intuitive responses). With these two elements, we’re able to create a life that’s both mystical and very human. But this co-creation with something bigger than us doesn’t have to be solemn and intense — it can be a playful and light kind of trial-and-error experience. Experiment with what balance might feel like for you — between the push and pull of acting and responding, listening and expressing. If you don’t know what to do next or how to solve a problem, start by asking the Universe/Goddess/God and your guides for help.

Leo – 8 of Swords

Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes for Leo

Whatever feels stressful right now, pause. Put it down. Take a break. You may be too in your head about what you “have to”/”should”/”need to” do. And the way forward requires a perspective shift that you can only access once you’ve centered yourself. So take a breath before you try again.  

Your mission this month is to take it one baby step at a time to change your limiting beliefs. Transmuting those limiting beliefs is what creates lasting change to your circumstances. Lean into your feeling and sensing nature to do the next right thing. And by next right thing, I mean the thing that feels right to you, that you get a little intuitive ping to do — not the thing that you logically parse out as right. This is about learning to trust yourself by taking inspired action on your own behalf and not letting the negative thoughts keep you stuck in fear. Don’t get overwhelmed by it, just take that first step. 

Virgo – 7 of Pentacles Rx

Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes for Virgo

Maybe you’re yet to see a payoff from what you’ve been working on. Frustration and delays sink in when you’re too focused on the one missing piece. No one wants to be told to be patient, but how else can you use your time while you wait? This isn’t time to lose hope or abandon your efforts, but maybe consider how you can readjust your path and plan. Maybe more time is needed, or else a pivot might be the right move. Don’t rush to make a decision, but be present and wait for the solution to arrive rather than seeking it out. Trust that a new vision for how to proceed will come to you when you stop forcing it. A watched pot never boils, after all. 

Libra – 7 of Cups Rx

Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes for Libra

There’s another option that you might not have considered that could be emerging this month. If there’s a situation or question that’s been hanging over you lately, none of the options you’ve been weighing up have felt quite right. That just means the right option wasn’t ready yet, but now it could be making itself known to you. Rather than thinking about how this option will look to others or what it can get you, consider how it will make you feel. Really feel into it, imagine it, use your inner eye, your intuition, and your emotional intelligence to gain clarity about what will be the best for you. Don’t let yourself get swayed or distracted by flashy goals or material things right now, this is about a sense of fulfillment that translates to true happiness, which is felt and experienced rather than attained or won. 

Scorpio – 8 of Cups Rx

Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes for Scorpio

What are you having trouble letting go of? Something needs to change in order for you to move forward with clarity and peace of mind. We’re often reluctant to walk away from a good thing, and this thing you’re being called to release has helped you until this point — that’s why it’s so tough. It’s a call to summon a deep trust in yourself and the changes you’re feeling called to make. This moment is a catalyst for transformation, but you must listen to the truth that resides in the depths of your heart, which is scary. But facing your fears head on is the only way to live the big life you desire. Clarity will come from putting that trust in yourself and setting out on this new chapter.  

Sagittarius – 4 of Pentacles Rx

Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes for  Sagittarius

What do you really need to feel secure? We all need food, water, shelter and safety to thrive. But what do you cherish and seek beyond the material world? It’s important to be proud of your accomplishments, but don’t let them define you. You are a soul who has even more to offer and experience. 

Ask yourself: What are your values? What are the pillars on which you want to build a life? Now’s a good time to reassess your boundaries around materialism and how you rely on outside things to give you a sense of security and control. Maybe it’s a buying freeze as a spiritual practice, or taking a month off of alcohol or caffeine to examine your attachment to these things. What makes you think that you need these external things to make you happy? Create new routines and rituals to ground you during this time that speak to your true values. 

Capricorn – 6 of Swords Rx

Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes for Capricorn

Even welcome and positive change can stir up feelings of sadness and doubt. Right now you’re not sure what lies ahead but you’ve made the decision to move on, which is the most important thing. Don’t question what’s already been decided. It’s a waste of your energy and is just a distraction from the natural grieving that change brings about. Now’s the time to reach out for help from your community, loved ones, or a professional to help you move through a time of transition. Transformation is challenging, regardless of how positive it is. The road ahead is bright, but you might need a little reminder of that right now. Lean into the feelings that are coming up now, so that you may move through them. 

Aquarius – The Sun Rx

Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes for Aquarius

The Sun is a spiritual glow up, but doubts can creep in when you’re faced with showing up in the truest, most authentic sense. The rug wasn’t put there to be pulled out from underneath you, so don’t occupy your brain space with thoughts of the good things being taken away from you or jinxing a good thing. This card is a call to show up with fresh eyes and heart. After everything you’ve been through, you’re ready to transmute the deep lessons of your experiences and shadow into the full expression of you — not as the ego you, but as your soul self, who’s open, strong, and childlike in their lightheartedness. 

When the sun is too strong it can burn, meaning that sometimes we force our new views on people who don’t want to hear them or conversely make ourselves small to not make others feel bad. But the best thing to do is lead by the example of showing up as this soul self — who you are at your core — curious, loving, and unafraid to be seen. 

Pisces – The Lovers Rx 

Sagittarius Season Tarotscopes for Pisces

Are you feeling disconnected? Our relationships are great mirrors into our inner world — the shadows, attachments, and desires — but it’s often hard to see that clearly when we are disconnected from our core self. The Lovers (and the Lovers Reversed) doesn’t always speak to who we are or aren’t having sex with, rather it’s about the way we show up for ourselves even when we have others showing up for us. At its core, The Lovers is about choice and choosing to believe that you’re worthy of all the things you desire. By choosing yourself first, and giving yourself what you need emotionally, you’re able to establish a foundation on which to give and receive love in a healthy way. You’re able to see what’s worthy of you and your attention and what’s not and act accordingly. So yes, it’s about the love of another, but in the way that reflects back to us the ways in which we are loving or not loving ourselves. 

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