Libra Season Tarotscopes

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Libra Season Tarotscopes

Libra Season Tarotscopes are here, with a tarot card for each zodiac sign highlighting what your self-care and growth opportunities are from September 22-October 22, 2020. Read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for the full picture.

The start of Libra Season coincides with the Autumn Equinox and is a time when we’re seeking deep truths, connection, and equilibrium in our lives. The key is getting to the root of what balance means to you — because everyone’s idea of it is different, and it’s rarely a clear 50/50 split.

The way we relate to others is being called on for review this month. Observe how you feel fulfilled in certain areas and underappreciated in others. This season can help us make adjustments to get closer balance if we work with the energy at hand. Reading your cards below will help guide you to the areas to focus on.

Libra Season Tarotscopes 2020

What’s a Tarotscope?

It’s like a horoscope, but instead of interpreting planetary movements, I pull a card for each zodiac sign and share the themes and questions coming up at this time. I read tarot with an emphasis on self-care and self-development, so I suggest practices or activities that I think might be beneficial to you based on the card.

You can read the cards for your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs — in fact, I recommend it. If you don’t know your Sun (that’s the sign you’d typically read your horoscope for), Moon, and/or Rising/Ascendant signs, get your birth time and city, if possible, and plug it in over here.

In case you missed it, you can check out your Virgo Season Tarotscope hereOr book an in-depth reading with Leah.

Here are your cards for Libra Season:

Aries – The Hanged Man 

Libra Season Tarotscope for Aries

Learning to let go isn’t easy. A lot of healing and transformation comes from doing uncomfortable stuff consistently enough that you start to notice a change in your perception. And by uncomfortable, I mean something that might go against your programming or reactive nature, not something painful. This card is about learning to surrender to what you can’t control and letting that bring you into better alignment with who you are beyond all the bells and whistles of the hustle. Your ego will stomp and scream when you choose to do things differently, but moving through this resistance is where the juice is. Do some yin yoga or a similarly slower paced body-mind exercise. Observe your desire to speed through or the way your brain tries to take you out of the body’s experience. Then come back to the stretching and the breath. Repeat and apply to any areas of life that might need a refresh.

Taurus – Strength Rx

Libra Season Tarotscope for Taurus

Befriend your wild side. Touch into the part of you that you’d rather squash down or tame for your convenience. Love that part of yourself. Courage comes from connecting to your heart. In the chakra system, the heart chakra is the bridge between our earthly human needs and desires (the personal) and the way we relate to other individuals (interpersonal) and the cosmic forces that connect us all (transpersonal). The heart is the middle ground that’s both mystical and grounded and when we can open it through the bravery of vulnerability, we experience a special kind of connection. With this card in the reversal, we can feel intimidated and overwhelmed by all of this, so we call in our anchors. What helps you feel in touch with yourself? With your body? The earth? These are your anchors. Write a list of what you think they might be and give a couple of new practices or tools you feel drawn to a try.

Gemini – 5 of Wands

Libra Season Tarotscope for Gemini

Creative chaos. In every creative process there is a point where it all just looks and feels like a big mess. Your vision can get lost amongst too many disparate ideas or moving parts. What’s needed is a zoomed out perspective and a playful mind. Take a breath. Be willing to embrace the messiness in the name of figuring things out. Play fight. Argue different points for argument’s sake. Test things out. Bring it all up and out to sort through so you can find order. Spend some time organizing something that feels out of hand this month. Be it your pantry, wardrobe, the 15 to-do lists you’ve got on the backburner, or some family issues. Now’s the time to work it out on your end so you can move forward with a clearer mind. 

Cancer – The World

Libra Season Tarotscope for Cancer

The end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Big accomplishments and culminations are in sight. Can you be present for it? Savor it, even? Lessons have really landed and you’ve internalized them in a real way. Where do you feel like you’ve learned a few big lessons recently? How long has it taken you to learn them? What are you grateful for that happened on the way to learning them? This is a wave of upleveling that’s about to sweep you into a new area of your being. So yeah, kind of a big deal. Don’t let it intimidate you, come back to the present moment. Can you celebrate it? Bust out the champagne. Dance. Do something to mark your progress as a human on the planet. 

Leo – Queen of Cups 

Libra Season Tarotscope for Leo

This Queen pops up as a gentle reminder to come back to yourself. Pay your intuition extra attention. Consider your psychic gifts — we all have them, some people are just better at identifying and naturally nurturing them without explicitly being taught how. Consider making some time to dive into your depths with breathwork, meditation, journaling, tarot, or any combination of tools and practices that help you listen to that quiet knowing within. It could be a time of simply having reverence for the feelings and insights you receive in everyday life by making a note of them. Give yourself a little extra quiet time. Bath time. No phone time. 

Virgo – 9 of Swords Rx

Libra Season Tarotscope for Virgo

What’s keeping you up at night? Things always seem worse when it’s just you awake in the dark. This card shows us that visceral feeling of anxiety or regret, but the lesson of the card is about learning to turn on your metaphorical light. It’s about seeing your anxieties and fears for what they really are: your imagination and ego spinning out. Fears will always come up, it’s part of being human, but how can you roll with them a little bit more? The first step is awareness. If you can acknowledge that you’re wrapped up in a story that’s not necessarily factual, you can start to shift. You can even engage in a little self-talk like, “I see that I’m trying to give myself a hard time right now. But I’m not going to engage with that part of my brain right now.” Talk kindly to yourself and give yourself comfort in knowing that this happens to so many of us. Let yourself feel your feelings but also realize that your brain takes extreme measures to keep you “safe” and in familiar cycles. You can break these cycles with practice and by giving yourself what you need.

Libra – 5 of Pentacles 

Libra Season Tarotscope for Libra

It’s time to rewrite your story. During your solar return season, decide what you want your narrative to be — especially around support, self-worth, and scarcity. Your past is part of you, but it’s not your entire story. You’re allowed to leave it behind in favor of claiming your power and letting a new future to unfold. We’re here to learn and change, and when the 5 of Pentacles comes up, we’re being asked to look at how we react when we feel unsupported or lacking. These feelings inevitably come up, it’s part of being human, but we can decide to move that energy through us in a way that feels safe and proactive. It can be a small and simple action like focusing on making a meal, cleaning or organizing a closet or pantry, or going for a walk with a podcast. In this case, we’re not avoiding, but rather working through the negative narratives that often run on autopilot in our brains. Once we recognize those constrictive thoughts, we can say no, and reach for a healthy coping strategy to put us back in a good headspace. 

Scorpio – The Emperor 

Libra Season Tarotscope for Scorpio

Use this season to create structures for you to thrive within. The Emperor is about unapologetically taking up space and standing tall in your integrity and values — without worrying that you’re too much. But in order to do that, you have to have the structures and boundaries around you to comfortably be who you are. This is a building energy, so the first step is to set up your foundation. What are the four corners that hold up your intentions and goals? Get clear on your values — narrow it down to a list of four, if you can. Use these to prioritize and motivate you to create plans and take steps towards bigger ideas and goals for your life. And use them to help you weed out what’s no longer in alignment for you.

Sagittarius – 3 of Cups

Libra Season Tarotscope for Sagittarius

Community is key. This card represents supportive friendship and those moments when you feel mutually celebrated by those around you. This is a call to bring your community together and be the one to reach out. Whether you can have a socially distanced hang, meet on facetime, or make an old fashioned phone call, do it. Plan for it. It’s hard — especially this year — to feel like our friendships are available for us in the ways we need. This is your reminder that you are loved and cared for. And people want to hear from you. Plan a harvest celebration with your closest coven members. Laugh, build each other up, vent, and toast to each other. Life is supposed to include joy and fun. Be present for it.

Capricorn – 2 of Pentacles Rx

Libra Season Tarotscope for Capricorn

The card of the hustle. But there’s a fine line between hustling and burning out, the former often leading into the latter if not tempered with rest. Right now you’re being asked to discern what’s worth your time and energy and what isn’t. Drop or delegate the thing(s) that are draining you and not that important in favor of the things that are really moving the needle for you in both your work and your personal fulfillment. Only then can you begin to create a special kind of alchemy that lets you enjoy the work you’re doing in the world for the sake of it, not just for the payoff down the line. There’s an element of fun and flow that comes from doing the things that feel right in this moment. Lean into that and play with your options, but first, weed out the stuff that’s causing your energy to leak.

Aquarius – Judgement 

Libra Season Tarotscope for Aquarius

Judgement is the ultimate uplevel  — but no pressure. It’s a feeling of fully stepping into your purpose because you’re able to drop the societal programming and tap into your spirit. This Major Arcana card is here to help you learn the big lessons that will lead to more clarity. Let it wash over you like a wave, rather than trying to figure out what to do with it, or worse stressing about it. Instead observe what comes up this month and take a beat before you respond. The big lesson in this card is releasing judgement. Or more specifically, transforming judgement into love. Notice when you get the opportunity to finally let something go. To forgive yourself and others. This is what granting yourself freedom feels like. Your job is to be available for the opportunities to do this in your daily life. Practice forgiving. Practice releasing. Practice dropping the judgements and tapping into your heart.

Pisces – Page of Cups 

Libra Season Tarotscope for Pisces

This is a call to make room for curiosity, play, intuition, and imagination. It’s the fun part of inner child work. It’s saying “yes, and” to life like a skilled improv nerd. It’s accepting your sensitivities as a gift and letting your deep feeling and knowing nature give way to firing up your imagination in ways that nurture you. Explore things that sound like fun to your younger self or go for a walk and call on your inner child to come with you. Make time to learn something you’re really interested in. Look up exercises for getting in touch with your intuition and try a couple. Tap into your beginner’s mind to refresh your perspective on your relationship to yourself and your feelings.  

Want more tarot? Book a reading with Leah here.

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