Full Moon in Scorpio 2020: Shedding to Uplevel

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Scorpio Full Moon Tarot Spread

The full moon in Scorpio on May 7th, 2020 (find the exact timing for your timezone here) is asking us to weed out what we don’t want to carry into our dream life. Full moons occur when the sun and moon are in opposing signs and energy, directly facing off. While the energies are different, there’s always a link between the two, and when the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio (also known as the Flower Moon), the theme is transformation. 

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Taurean energy is the blossoming of the world. A reawakening. Everything is coming to life in technicolor and full bloom, it’s bursting and dynamic, lush and earthy. It’s about finding pleasure in the everyday, engaging the senses, getting grounded, and reviewing what’s worthy of your time and attention. 

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And Scorpio, on the other side of the transformation coin, is asking us to turn inward, to release what’s no longer helping us. Swimming to the depths below, to glean a new perspective on what we’ve been running from and what we want, Scorpio is ready to face it all. It’s a call to shed a previous skin and let transformation take hold.

With nearly two months of self-isolation behind us, we’re in a unique and collective position to take a red pen to our lives from the inside out. It’s time to edit our lives for a new way forward. 

Theme of the Full Moon in Scorpio: Shedding to Uplevel

Reflect on what life looked and felt like before vs. during isolation — journaling/writing it out helps me get my reflective powers going. Focus on: What exhausted you, what upset (triggered/angered/frustrated) you, what brought you joy, and what brought you peace. 

Envision your future beyond these current circumstances and identify what you need to let go of and change to make them happen. What can you start to shift now, internally? Look at the balance between big picture and everyday actions and how they align.

Self-care for the Scorpio Full Moon

  • Ask your inner guidance for help (try The Line Activation by Ashley Wood)
  • Take a salt bath
  • Get your feet on the ground — barefoot, if you can
  • Journal / tarot journal 
  • Stretch it out
  • Make a Big Mood playlist

Tarot for self care

Tarot spread for the Scorpio Full Moon

I. What feels ready to be released?

II. Where am I ready to blossom?

III. In what ways am I already transforming? 

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