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Hey witches,

I took an unexpected 2-month hiatus from newsletters and a 1-month break from most cooking and content creation. It turns out I’m pregnant and sickness plus exhaustion hit me hard.

Luckily, I was in a position to take a break from content creation. Cutting out social media altogether for a while was a great way to clear some mental space at this time — but mostly I just couldn’t stomach cooking food, let alone writing about it and taking photos of it. I realize that not everyone is fortunate enough to have control of their schedule during this time and I bow down to all the women out there who are working their ass off while dealing with this stuff.

For me, the first trimester has been about learning to surrender, get centered when I can, and go with the flow of things as much as possible (NOT an easy ask). It’s been a challenge, but totally exciting too.

Between a challenging first trimester and the world in general at the moment, I’ve realized just how vital self care really is. Like real, genuine internal caring for your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual self. Self care gets a huge eye roll a lot of the time because it’s now synonymous with surface-level, consumer-driven shit. But real self care isn’t photogenic.

It’s making time to talk to your therapist, journaling, doing breathing exercises, stretching, crying, screaming, laughing, and hugging. It’s taking time to be where you’re at and in the mood you’re in and just letting yourself be. It’s making enough space and quiet to hear your intuition. It’s saying no to stuff that’s draining you. It’s making yourself a good meal and taking the time to really taste it.

Now, onto this month’s recommendations.


Because cooking was just not really possible for me for about a month, I’m easing back into it with simple meals that I know will taste good. There’s lots of tomato-y eggs, breakfast tacos, and soup.

Cooking for myself is a big part of self-care and showing love for me, so being able to do it again is a big boost.

Speaking of soup, I could not be more excited that it’s soup season. Here’s a bunch of ideas to get you started.

Also making this cauliflower on repeat.

I was really stoked by how these Sweet Potato Peanut Butter Brownies for Califia Farms turned out, but these were one of the last things I tested before the nausea hit and now can’t look at a brownie. Sad.


Channeling: What it is and how to start via Free & Native

How to Use Cannabis Like a Witch via Miss Grass

Chani Nicholas’ Instagram giving me life.

Take care of yourself post the Kavanaugh garbage fire via Hello Giggles


Sending good vibes to Dr. Blasey Ford.

photo: @wildsoulhealing

Both Lindsay Mack and Witch the Vote have suggested really beautiful ways to show gratitude to this strong and courageous woman.


I’m obsessed with Up & Vanished. It’s a true crime podcast in the middle of its second season. I binged the first season in about 3 days.

Such a fall song to me: Mr. Tough // Yo La Tengo


A fall celebration.

Do it on your own or invite some friends over and make a night of it. Buy some pumpkins, roast up some fall veggies, make some soup, drink something festive, lights some candles, burn some herbs to clear the air for this new season.

If you want to get a little creative, make an altar for your autumn intentions. Place a mini pumpkin, a crystal or two that represents what your intentions, add fresh herbs, write a mantra out on pretty stationary, add photos, artwork, a tarot card that represents the energy you want to embody, candles — whatever feels good to you that you love to look at. It can just be a few simple things or a full-on decorative display.

Put it in a place that you’ll see every day, clean the space regularly, and rearrange it when it feels necessary.

On mine:

The Empress card – She’s the divine feminine mother earth energy of the tarot. She’s abundant, creative, never doubts her worth, and embodies openness and softness. She’s all about receiving — receiving love, compliments, good energy, positive thoughts, money, etc. She’s been coming up in a lot of my tarot pulls since, I kid you not, the day after we conceived. She’s my archetype for easing into the idea of becoming a mother and for enjoying my favorite month and the harvest season.

Sodalite & Smoky Quartz crystals – the sodalite is for helping me stay focused on my purpose and path so everything can flow and the smoky quartz for grounding, presence, and banishing the negative vibes.

Pumpkin, acorn, and some colorful leaves – to remind me to stop and appreciate the magic of the fall season — with the abundance of amazing produce and the cycles of nature.

A candle – to light daily and remind me of my intentions

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