Do Good Holiday Gift Guide: Businesses That Give Back

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In an effort to make the holidays more enjoyable, I’m limiting the time I spend shopping by limiting the the places I’m shopping at. I’d rather find a few smaller companies that are doing good in the world and get everyone simple, beautifully made gifts from those places.

*Please note, this posts isn’t sponsored or affiliated with any of the companies below, I just genuinely think they’re doing good things.

Where I’m buying my holidays gifts from this year:



The good: Sudara creates jobs for women who have escaped from or are at risk of human trafficking in India. They also work with a charity to help fund women’s education so they can go on to start their own businesses.

What to buy: Gorgeous PJ bottoms and robes for the ladies on your list.


Feed Bags


The good: Works with the United Nations World Food Programme to provide meals for children around the world. Each bag in the shop tells you exactly how many meals you’re giving by buying that product.

What to buy: I’ve got my eye on The Harriet Tote and the Go-To Bag.


Out of Print


The good: Donates to literacy programs and makes book donations to communities in need.

What to buy: Book-inspired t-shirts, totes, and other apparel for your favorite bookworm.


Krochet Kids


The good: Provides job opportunities to women in need in Uganda and Peru. With each purchase you make, they introduce you to the woman who made your product and invite you to visit her online profile to learn more about her.

What to buy: Cute knit hats for men, women, and kids.


True Ethic


The good: Supports ethically sourced goods from both U.S. and international artisans. 10 percent of each purchase is donated to Freedom Firm India, which works to rescue and seek justice for victims of sex trafficking in India.

What to buy: Chic homewares and cool jewelry.


Les Sublimes


The good: Using ethically sourced and sustainable fabrics, each item from this chic French clothing line provides period essentials for women and girls in Kenya. Their One Piece, One Girl, One Month program provides a schoolgirl in Kenya with one month of pads, clean undies, and reproductive health education via Zana Africa each time you purchase an item of clothing.

What to guy: Cool girl basics like well-made tees, striped shirts, and limited edition skirts. Don’t worry about the Euro prices, they ship to the U.S.


Marin Bee


The good: Your purchase goes towards saving and caring for the bee population through the Planet Bee Foundation’s philanthropic programs.

What to buy: Beautifully packaged body and face creams, balms, and masks.


Therapy Threads


The good: 10 percent of their profits go to NAMI – the National Alliance for Mental Illness.

What to buy: Their elegant aroma therapy scarfs (I’ll take a black in calming lavender please!) or their self-aware (and stylish) t-shirts.


Cooking Up Trouble: Recipes to Nourish Women

The good: Not a shop, but a cookbook by Leela Cyd and Anne Parker, cookbook authors/photographers/stylists. All of the proceeds from the book go to Planned Parenthood.

Filled with healthy-ish and delicious recipes from women chefs and cooks, Cooking Up Trouble is here to help fuel us through the current political climate. As they put it in their intro, “It’s time to feed our bodies right and nourish our spirits, take care of each other and ourselves.” I couldn’t agree more!


Your Local Indie Bookstore


Because they’re awesome and give back something extra to the community.

For more clothing companies that use sustainable and ethical practices, check out:

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  1. Laura Leigh11/29/2017 | Reply

    Out of Print is where it's at!

    • Leah11/30/2017 | Reply


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