The New Nourishing Cover is Here!

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Maybe you didn’t realize I spent the last year working on a cookbook. Maybe you know me IRL and that’s all you’ve heard me talk about (sorry guys). But now the cover is finalized, the book is scheduled to launch in 2 months, and I’m officially freaking out.

The book is called The New Nourishing, and that up there is the cover featuring my Plantain Bowl with cilantro lime dressing.

It was such an amazing experience writing my first cookbook. I learned a ton about the publishing process, recipe testing, and writing about food, in general. But probably the most surprising was how much I learned about myself — what motivates me, my rhythms, my strengths, and (of course) my weaknesses.

So what’s this book about?

As you can tell from the sub-heading, it’s about plant-based comfort food — which actually means a lot more to me than your typical indulgent dish.

First of all, The New Nourishing is not a diet book. Rather than trying to adhere to a diet or beating yourself up about living up to some bogus societal standard of health or beauty (shit, I’m ranting already — I promise the book is not at all ranty), it’s about food that makes you feel good in your body right now. It’s about paying attention and recognizing the foods that give you the most energy and make your mind feel clearer. And in my experience, whole plant foods are some of the best things you can eat for all of those things.

Introducing meals to your everyday life that are satisfying, plant-centric, and that you really really love is what this new nourishment is all about — combining the positive feelings of certain dishes with the positive effects the food gives you. This is what causes us to actually want to eat certain foods instead of feeling obligated to.

Photo credit: Clare Winfield

The dishes in The New Nourishing are abundant in flavor and in plants, and yes, some are a little indulgent. But all are good-for-you in the physical, as well as the emotional sense. Feeding yourself satisfying meals that also happen to be filled with nutrients is one of the biggest acts of self care/love/compassion — whatever you want to call it — that you can give to yourself.

I don’t want you to go vegan, or eskew any food groups for that matter, I just want to bring more delicious plants into your life. If everyone who read the book was able to find a dish that they crave and go back to it when they want to show themselves a little extra love, I’ve done my job.

Photo credit: Clare Winfield

If you want to pre-order the book (it officially comes out September 12th), you can head over to Amazon or wherever books are sold online.

Please note: I am no longer the food editor at mindbodygreen, but I was when the book went to print! I still love mbg and collaborate with them on occasion.

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