17 Great NYC Restaurants For Plant-Based Eating

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Nourish Kitchen + Table

A new crop of vegetable-forward restaurants is popping up around New York City. Emphasizing seasonal (and healthy) dishes, these cafés and restaurants are trading in the hippie vibes for a cooler, more stylish atmosphere.

Is this the future of the New York food scene? I hope so. These places manage to sell high-quality veg-filled meals with a sense of fun and excitement. Some are vegan or vegetarian, and some aren’t — but all are serving up thoughtful and delicious plant-based dishes.

I left every one of the restaurants on this list (some old and some new) feeling delighted, nourished, and satisfied. Check them out if you’re nearby or planning a visit to New York.

Read the full list over at MindBodyGreen.

Photo courtesy of Nourish Kitchen + Table

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  1. Jhoei05/08/2019 | Reply

    Wow! This is a good list of restaurants that vegetarians would love to visit and taste the sumptuous food.

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