CHILL OUT: Your body knows what to do

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your body knows - The Nourish Exchange
A while ago, I was reading Danielle LaPorte’s post on not improving yourself and the loudest message to me was, “remember that your body knows.”

Whoa. It was the exact thing I needed at that time.

I mean, duh. Of course your body knows what to do. It functions and keeps you alive on the daily. It’s always working for you, balancing you out and supporting you. But sometimes it’s hard to remember how amazing our bodies actually are.

When you’re interested in nutrition and wellness, it can be difficult not to go too far down the rabbit hole of eating only what’s “clean”, “whole”, or “green”. This ends up placing foods in “good” vs. “bad” camps and totally screwing with your head. (Sorry for all the “quotes.”)

While eating mostly plants is great guideline to live by — and one I fully support — it’s not always what we want or need.

The key is in the “mostly” part.

When I’m travelling, I want to try the best food in a new city and most likely, that looks more like fried chicken than a kale salad (I’ll get both though). And my husband and I love to kick back with pizza and red wine on Friday nights. Does that make me feel terrible? Nope, it makes me feel great.

It’s the guilt that’s associated with the foods that we place in the “bad” category that gets us into trouble.

And by trouble, I mean feeling shitty.

You can stress out about your “bad” choices constantly but in the long run, that’s probably way worse for you than what you ate in first place.

What we really need is to stop demonizing gluten or meat or sugar and strive for a good balance that’s right for our individual bodies. To create a feeling of satisfaction and nourishment without restriction. To listen to our bodies and love them. And sometimes love them with chocolate cake if we feel like it.

Play, experiment and eat — and see what feels good. If you like eating something and it makes you feel great (hello, sweet potatoes), eat more of that. Sneak leafy greens in where you can (spinach can go in anything!). But most of all, be kind to yourself. You’ll be better than fine.

Your body knows what to do, it’ll take care of you.

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