5 Oils for Beauty & Wellness

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Confession: I’m one of those crazies that uses coconut oil for everything except cooking, but I wasn’t always this way. All I thought I knew about essential oils was that they gave all those new age-y stores a weird smell, but now I find them fascinating. (And I realized that was incense. I still hate incense.)

I love that they’re a natural way to pamper yourself. The below list is a mix of essential and regular oils that I use throughout my day to keep me feeling great.

  1. Tea Tree Essential Oil
    What I use it for:
    Pimple fighting and as an antibacterial for when I cut myself with something stupid like a vegetable peeler.
    How I use it:
    Use a Q-tip to apply it to pimples (you want to really pin-point the specific area, because it can dry out the surrounding skin.) Or dab on a cleaned cut before you put a band aid on.

  3. Rose Hip Oil
    What I use it for:
    Face moisturizer. I’ve got combination skin that’s prone to drying out and getting an angry pimple or two (see above). Not fabulous, but common. This has been my favorite product for the past few years — it keeps my skin fresh, hydrated and looking all glowy.
    How I use it:
    Post face wash in the morning and evening, I gently press it into my skin.
    I currently use Trilogy brand.

  5. Lavender Essential Oil
    What I use it for:
    Headaches and to relax me in the evening. I try to use it at bedtime as a signal to my body that it’s time for some rest.
    How I use it:
    I message a dab or two into my temples and the middle of my forehead.

  7. Coconut Oil (so hot right now.)
    What I use it for:
    I honestly don’t love to cook with the stuff (except in granola), but it’s a great body moisturizer and makeup remover.
    How I use it:
    Moisturizer – before getting out of the shower. I rub it into damp skin, let it sink in for a sec and lightly blot my skin with a towel. I know the scent isn’t for everyone, but I happen to love smelling like a pina colada for part of the morning — and it usually doesn’t linger beyond an hour or two.
    Makeup up remover – I dip a clean cloth into the oil and gently wipe off my eye makeup before using my normal face wash.

  9. Peppermint Essential Oil 
    What I use it for:
    I’ve always had a nervous stomach, but peppermint oil helps chill me out and relaxes my stomach.
    How I use it:
    I combine a couple of drops with a little almond or coconut oil and massage it into my feet or directly on my stomach. It also gives me a little pep when I dab it on my wrists during a mid-afternoon slump.

Do you have a favorite oil that you use regularly? I’d love to know what it is!


Photo credit: Upsplash

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