The Nourish Exchange is a space to share the things that make us feel good.

It’s about cutting through all the wellness noise and finding your own personalized strategy for living a full and happy life in a way that’s realistic and enjoyable.

Whether that means planning a trip, making a kickass peanut butter cookie, or spending some time in nature
— let’s talk about all those little things that make a big difference.

I’ll share my favorite recipes, habits, and travel tips that make me feel connected and energized.


I’m Leah Vanderveldt, a writer, editor, and cookbook author from New York. I love taking photos, traveling, and creating original, vegetable-centric recipes.

I believe that eating fresh, flavorful, and natural food is one of the keys to feeling your best. I particularly like to focus on plant-based and vegetarian cuisines, but I also love seafood and the occasional burger. I’m certified in Culinary Nutrition by the Natural Gourmet Institute, so I often bring this knowledge to my recipes.

My first cookbook, The New Nourishing, is all about plant-based comfort food and finding ways to add more vegetables to your life in ways that taste as good as they make your body feel.

For almost a decade, I read and researched nutrition, health, and wellness. I knew I wanted to feel my best, but was always hung up in a cycle of restriction, indulgence, guilt, and loathing. I learned a ton, but overall, it felt crappy and draining.

Eventually, I was able to find my sweet spot. And guess what? It didn’t come from working out for hours or a strict diet — it came from cultivating a sense of ease and kindness towards myself.

I believe good health shouldn’t feel like a chore, it should be something you do out of love for your body and mind — in short, it should feel good.

It starts with being kind to yourself. 

I am by no means perfect at this, but I’ve improved a hell of a lot over the course of a few of years.


:: Simple and affordable wellness ::

:: Getting rid of food guilt ::

:: Self compassion ::

:: Eating plants and whole foods ::

:: Walking everywhere ::

:: Supporting other women ::

:: Exploring new places ::

:: Complete enjoyment of all the things I consume ::

:: Surrounding myself with the people, places, and things I love ::

:: Dessert ::


:: Feeling good ::


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