8 Smart Ways to Add More Veggies to Your Smoothies

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If you’re looking to up your vegetable and fruit intake, smoothies and smoothie bowls are a one-stop-shop for starting your day with 2-4 servings. Smoothies can sometimes veer into all-fruit combos, which are delicious, but can have way more sugar than we necessarily want first thing in the morning. One key way to keeping your blood sugar balanced is by adding more vegetables (along with a little protein and fat) and slightly less fruit into the mix. The vegetables add fiber, vitamins, and minerals to mitigate those natural sugars, while adding plenty of antioxidants too.

The downside of adding more vegetables to the mix is that they can mess with the sweet and creamy vibes that make a smoothie great. To avoid things getting too vegetal here are some essential tips for packing your morning smoothie with vegetables without sacrificing flavor.

Tastier veggie-packed smoothie basics

Head over to Inspire by Psycle London to get all the deets on these vegetable smoothie hacks.

  1. Freeze it
  2. Spinach + Kale
  3. Zucchini
  4. Cauliflower
  5. Avocado
  6. Herbs
  7. Beets
  8. Natural Sweetness
    • Vanilla
    • Cinnamon
    • Cardamom
    • Coconut milk

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